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    I was not sure what forum to put this under? So I figure I will start out in "General".

    I have searched high and low and found a few postings here (closed) and at other sites but still no real answer. So please don't slam me, I have done my due diligence.

    My user has an 8320 from VZ. He is not on BES. He uses BIS to access his corporate Exchange server by way of PoP3. I sat at his laptop with his OL client open. A new message would come in and it would remain unread. As soon as the message appears on the BB, the message would immediately change to "read", bold to not bold in the OL client. This is extremely frustrating as this user can get a couple hundred emails a day and if they are automatically changing to read, it makes keeping organized frustrating.
    He doesn't even click on the emails in the BB and they change to read in OL and remain unread on the BB until he opens them.

    Other users at his company do not experience this problem.

    I have found numerous postings about this issue and it seems not to matter what carrier the phone is with, some point towards Exchange as being the culprit, some point at the carrier, some say it is the phone etc... But no one seems to have a definitive cure.

    Any help would be appreciated!


    10-28-09 01:43 PM
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    Hi Tony,

    Try this from the messages folder hit bbmenu>options>email settings and scroll through what's there... Double check all the settings to make sure "send read receipts" isn't set, IMO that tells the server that the forwarded message has been accessed on his laptop just because it was pushed... Also, there could be something under the "email reconciliation" option. For that matter check "general settings" to see if something could be triggering this from the device end. If you change a few things but the problem persists, I would think it is safe to conclude that perhaps some user setting on his laptop has been changed and is causing this, but as I'm posting from my device, I cannot check to see what that might be... I hope this helps... Cheers!

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    10-28-09 07:45 PM