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    Hello to all

    I know that this is an old'ish type query on handsets which have long since been superceded.

    I've just moved my wife from a BB9900 to a BBQ10. After a good deal of looking, decided that using BB Link seemed to be the best way of doing this.

    Everything was moved across successfully, with the sole exception of the WhatsApp history. It's interesting that WhatsApp's own upgrade FAQ support is to also use BB Link.

    I've still got the BB9900 intact, and I can wiggle the Q10's micro-sim into the BB9900's standard sim slot so that WhatsApp can run and the chat history can be shown. (It's noteworthy that prior to upgrade, I did ask the phone to back-up chat history to the SD card, and as far as I can see, this has been done).

    The problem is, that either I or WA cannot seem to find the right files to prompt the "restore message" function after re-installing WA on the Q10 at the moment.

    From what I can see - WA is looking for a *.crypt file in the:


    folder on the handset. I have found the various back-up files that are stored on the SD card (which was also moved to the new Q10 handset), and there are two, which appear to be identically dated, but have a slightly different filename:


    Both have the same creation date and times at 21/3/2016 @ 1628

    I've tried copying both of these most recent files from the original handset to the Q10 folder, and reinstalling WA. WA ignored them and installed a fresh copy of WA with no chats at all.

    I then tried changing the ending of each of them to *.crypt, whilst still in the same folder and reinstalling WA. This time WA recognised that there were backups to reinstall, attempted it, and then stated that the files were "corrupted" and then finished the fresh installation, again with no chat history.

    Therefore, I can't see how I can positively or manually use any of the files that were stored from the BB9900 to restore the chat history onto the Q10? Can anyone assist with helping me resolve this please?

    Many thanks for any responses.
    03-28-16 10:51 AM

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