03-15-14 07:46 PM
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  1. Charlie Sansom's Avatar
    As the title says: WhatsApp is easier to add contacts than BBM!

    Fact is everyone has a mobile phone number and it's far more practical to use WhatsApp purely on a numbers basis rather than PIN.

    How awkward is it to give out your PIN after opening the app, finding your profile, clicking the QR symbol and loading it up?

    And then we have, "here, take my number!"

    You see the difference?

    The only way BBM will attract more users, in my opinion, is to make adding contacts easier with their mobile numbers rather than email sign-ups and PIN's.

    I know a lot of the faithful on here will butcher me for my comments but I must say that I support BBM and would prefer it to WhatsApp if it had easier contact-adding.

    Unfortunately, I don't see BBM going mainstream at all. Upon launch it was a fad. A tonne of my friends added me and now, a few months later, the app has been deleted and everyone has gone back to WhatsApp.

    BBM needs to learn - quickly - that it's format will not work if it doesn't evolve. And, before anyone lays into me for this comment - be honest, it hasn't evolved at all.

    Just because you can have cross-platform communication was a late necessity for survival rather than an innovative evolution.

    That's my two cents. Bring on the backlash!

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    03-15-14 10:46 AM
  2. Brandon Orr's Avatar
    no offense man, but there's at least 30 threads with almost this exact title and definitely the exact same content. I doubt you'll get any backlash as it's been talked about ad nausea.

    But welcome to Crackberry Nonetheless!
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    03-15-14 10:48 AM
  3. Charlie Sansom's Avatar
    I had no idea it had been talked about before. I read the forums everyday and haven't seen any posts. Apologies for the repeat topic.

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    03-15-14 10:50 AM
  4. Brandon Orr's Avatar
    I had no idea it had been talked about before. I read the forums everyday and haven't seen any posts. Apologies for the repeat topic.

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    yea i was on the CB app and didn't notice you only had one post. Hope you enjoy the Crackberry community and enjoy the forums!
    03-15-14 11:00 AM
  5. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Phone numbers work if you live a relatively insular life with no international contacts. Good luck getting all the extra country codes and + sign and formatting correctly when juggling around contacts from all around the world. Sure... it can be done with a little bit of care, but it is hardly "easier" or "simpler" than a uniform 8-digit hex pin.

    And have fun telling everyone to delete your old number from their contact list if you ever need to move countries and change your number! If you don't, someone else will eventually be re-assigned your number and will pop up in your friends' whatsapp favs as another version of you...

    The whatsapp design is deeply flawed but... the masses get what they deserve (and whatsapp gets $19B).

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    03-15-14 11:02 AM
  6. jafrul's Avatar

    I LOOOOVVVEEEE whatsapp...

    I use it to find out how the owner of the phone number looks like without he/she realises it.
    Like recently, somebody blocked my car at a parking. But she left her phone number on the dashboard, so I saved the number and checkout via favourites in whatsapp to know if she's a hot chick or not.
    Lol.. and I don't bother calling her number but kept honking until she moved her car..
    Now what if I have all the phone number..

    LOL.. I really love whatsapp for allowing me to check out on numbers DP.

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    03-15-14 11:08 AM
  7. stevobbm's Avatar
    Whatsapp? What app?

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    03-15-14 11:20 AM
  8. Morten's Avatar
    OP, you have it all wrong...

    Not using phone numbers are one of the strong points for BBM, we don't need to give our personal number to everybody, instead give them a PIN, which also, after the initial contact, moves with your devices. So regardless of phone or number, your contacts are still connected - without you having to inform about your phone number - or every time you change your number.

    I for one, am very happy that I have to manually approve my BBM contacts, and not just have them pop up because someone have my number in their contact list.

    Another security issue, If you use prepaid SIM cards, after you stop using them for a few months, the number is freed and made available for new users, so after a years time someone else can end up with your old number. IF someone had you in their contact list with your old number, and the new owner of the number uses WhatsApp, they see 'you' as being available, and they can send messages they believe reach you, but instead someone else will get them.

    BlackBerry and their products are all about security and stability, not only yours, but also your data.

    I hope that phone numbers will Not be a part of BBM!

    Perhaps other opt-in systems, but not phone numbers, and Not automatically added to anyone else's lists either, unless I specifically can first Approve each connection.
    03-15-14 12:06 PM
  9. Charlie Sansom's Avatar
    I disagree with your 'international numbers' and 'insular life' comments because I do speak to people internationally using WhatsApp and it is not difficult at all because I know who I'm talking to.

    Unlike BBM, WhatsApp, I feel, encourages communication between people who actually know eachother.

    How many of you can say that being added in a broadcast message with an endless list of PIN's is a great social platform?

    BBM is a breeding pit for kids who crave attention by adding as many people as possible just to say they have X amount of BBM contacts.

    Obviously, I'm generalising my argument but the point remains that WhatsApp is a far greater platform as it's basically the same as BBM but easier for contact adding.

    If BBM correct this flaw and back it up with some social awareness then they might have a shot. I don't see it happening though.

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    03-15-14 12:06 PM
  10. Charlie Sansom's Avatar
    For Morten - you could just as well get a new email address prompting a new BBPIN. That's the same difference as a phone number change.

    And, to counter that argument, how often do people change their numbers?

    Secondly, even if a number is freed up I'm pretty sure the previous 'occupier' of that number will transfer all of their numbers to their new device and inform their contacts of a number change.

    Also, the security of a PIN over a number doesn't really hold much weight. You still have to give out a form of communication to someone for that relationship to blossom. I don't think it matters which if you get the same end.

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    03-15-14 12:10 PM
  11. grover5's Avatar
    I couldn't disagree with you more OP. I much prefer using a pin to my actual number. But if you prefer whatsapp then great. Use it.

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    03-15-14 12:23 PM
  12. rogeryen's Avatar
    Why use a phone number or QR code when you can do NFC?

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    03-15-14 12:25 PM
  13. ArithomasII's Avatar
    While I kind of agree with some of your comments there are some folks you don't want to have your number.

    I seen an article about BBM allowing for custom pins. I'm hoping this will spread and people (mainly younger generation) come back. I think it's an awesome idea next to just giving out your phone number. The reason I say younger because they're the future and will usher BlackBerry into a new era. US older folks already love our BlackBerry

    Posted from my zee thirt teee
    03-15-14 12:32 PM
  14. BBUniq01's Avatar
    Adding contacts using international number was a pain with WhatsApp . Took me awhile. Also had issues with photos being saved to my media even after I had unchecked the option. My keyboard did not work as well with WhatsApp. I liked that I could share multiple photos and video files which I miss on BBM. But after the FB Acquisition I deleted the app. Hard enough to monitor FB itself with its ever changing privacy settings. I want my phone to keep me organized and simplify my life, not deal with extra concerns.

    Loving my Zed 10!!
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    03-15-14 12:32 PM
  15. GEO1ER's Avatar
    BBM has video and voice calling, screen share, BBM Channels, and live to the minute Location Share and WhatsApp has easier to access contacts. Yep, I can see your point. LOL!

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    03-15-14 12:33 PM
  16. gnirkatto's Avatar
    The PIN system will not go away and this is a good thing, for several reasons.

    However, I fully agree the invitation system on BBM is (almost) broken - not so much between existing BBM users, but eg between a BB user and an iOS user. This needs improvement or BBM will never succeed to become bigger than other IMs, in particular WA.

    1stly the "recommendations" to connect with other users simply dont't work. Currently I have 3 users recommended, one of which is me (!), the other 2 don't use BBM, and those in my phonebook who definitely have BBM installed don't show in my recommendations.
    SO I very much hope for the (apparently?) new (future?) feature "find friends", which was mentioned briefly in a BBRY blog recently, to provide a very much improved and reliable way to find other users.

    2ndly, if I "invite" other users, they will get an email to install BBM (OK), then they install, if I'm lucky, then they have to go through the (somewhat painful) BB ID creation process (they have no clue what this is good for, and many of them will forget which email IDs and passwords they enter), and then what? NOthing happens, until the "invite me back", or, alternatively, I will invite them one more time (providing I'm getting aware of them now being BBM users, by them telling me, or providing I'm sitting next to them and connect via barcode etc., right after helping them through the installation/registration process). I still have a couple of "sent invitations" in my "sent" tab, which means nothing else than that they received the email, and maybe installed BBM, and now sit and wait and nothing happens. Nor does this "sent invitation" go away, even after having connected to the new user successfully.

    THis is a total PITA, and NEEDS TO be improved, made easier, more understandable, more self explanatory, in particular for new users on different platforms.

    Or BBM will lose against most of the other IMs, without any doubt.
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    03-15-14 12:52 PM
  17. spikesolie's Avatar
    I feel usernames are the best compromise. I definitely don't want my # out with anyone. There are also people who have your # that you later don't wanna talk to. Oh cue the fact that duplicates of my numbers are out there

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    03-15-14 12:56 PM
  18. chiphazard's Avatar
    And BBM doesn't steal your complete contact list

    BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Z10 Official 10.2.1
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    03-15-14 12:58 PM
  19. darylsuds's Avatar
    I've seen ads on Kijiji where the seller posted his pin bar code. After seeing that it made sense, he posts his bar code, interested buyers connect, no email, home phone or mobile number. Once the item was sold, contact is deleted.

    Most people meet up at a populated place (mall parking lot) for security reasons.

    Try doing that with WhatsApp...

    Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10
    03-15-14 01:02 PM
  20. Just Me's Avatar
    And BBM doesn't steal your complete contact list

    BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Z10 Official 10.2.1
    Never gave WhatApp more than a cursory try for this reason.

    My new smashed Mini C0031C543 and a little bit of cross-country riding C00339A43.
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    03-15-14 01:05 PM
  21. stevobbm's Avatar
    Bbm will be around when facebook eventually ruins what's app.

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    03-15-14 01:21 PM
  22. playbookster's Avatar
    That doesnt make it a better app, it makes it easier to add contacts.. After that whatsapp falls behind in every category.
    03-15-14 01:22 PM
  23. stlabrat's Avatar
    Op, would you be so confident to post your phone number? Scary!

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    03-15-14 01:31 PM
  24. Charlie Sansom's Avatar
    stlabrat - Excellent point which has completely stumped me. I agree that I probably wouldn't just give out my number so from that point of view, BBM wins.

    Another poster, of whom I forget the username, mentioned the list of features that BBM has. Very good as well.

    The only features that WhatsApp doesn't have are screen-share and video/voice calls. However, I have read that the latter will be implemented into WA soon.

    My initial reasoning for the post was to highlight a flaw, from what I can see, with the 'add a friend' process.

    I think custom PIN's will help but am not entirely enthused by the idea.

    Perhaps, a PIN/number compromise would be interesting where you can add people to BBM via their number or alternatively, give a PIN to save the number-privacy concern.

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    03-15-14 01:38 PM
  25. raino's Avatar
    Actually, with BBM, you can now add people by their email addresses as well: 1) if you have it in your address book, and 2) they're using it as their BBID. You go to (at least on Android) Menu overflow>find friends on BBM. But what's great over Whatsapp is that they still have to approve your add request. I'll take that any day over what Whatsapp did/does by letting people message you without your explicit permission.
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    03-15-14 01:42 PM
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