12-30-08 09:40 PM
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  1. FightClub's Avatar
    I just recently started using my Bold as my mp3 player to replace my 8gb nano. Thinking about getting a 16gb touch next.

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    12-26-08 03:39 AM
  2. a_silent_song's Avatar
    Using my Storm with a 16gb card. Currently wanting to sell my 80gb 5th gen ipod that I don't ever use
    I have a friend looking to buy one of those. She might take it off your hands if the price is right.

    As for the original post, I have an 80gb iPod classic. I have WAY too much music to use my Bold for an mp3 player.

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    12-26-08 05:02 AM
  3. CipherDias's Avatar
    I have a couple of iPODs but rarely ever use them as I have my Curve media card loaded with MP3's and have a ton of CD;s to play on my car stereo when in my car..
    12-26-08 05:56 AM
  4. FightClub's Avatar
    Bold w/ 16 gig micoSD. However, I organize my music on my laptop using MediaMonkey... It's anawesome program

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    I'm really impressed with MediaMonkey, it just permanently replaced itunes for me
    12-26-08 07:08 AM
  5. apollo kids's Avatar
    I have a 60gig first video-gen ipod that I'm a big fan of. When I step up to the 8gig from 2gig microSD I'll probably start throwing music on my phone.
    12-26-08 07:14 AM
  6. OptiPrime's Avatar
    8gig IPOD nano. Got it a couple birthdays ago before I had my BB. Love it, its so small and cute.

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    12-26-08 07:22 AM
  7. teal's Avatar
    I have a decent Bose system in the car (MP3 capable) than I use my Curve (linked to stereo in bedroom to listen to while reading before sleeping. I've been given a couple of IPod Nanos but these olde eyes did not find them easy. The car also can link to the BB but I don't do it much. I am just not that up to date I guess.
    12-26-08 07:36 AM
  8. BellaLuna's Avatar
    I use Insignia Pilot 4Gb. BT capable, SDHC slot, real cool for the buck. Thinking of moving to the Curve full time if RIM can resolve Video sound thru BT.....
    12-30-08 08:11 PM
  9. howie's Avatar
    iPod Touch 16gb, Laptop, then BlackBerry

    ... No need for an ipod...they're overated IMO. Why buy a $200 ipod when I can buy a $50 media card for my BB?
    Leaves the BB to do other things and make the battery last longer. Last thing I want is my battery to die and be without a phone or email. They also have better video playback, bigger screen, and better sound quality. May be something you do not need for your usage, but it's not "overrated".
    12-30-08 08:29 PM
  10. Yankez's Avatar
    Question for those who use you BB to listen to music .

    How long does the battery last if it is constantly playing . I have an 8g Creative Zen and the battery last about 3 days . That's with me listening to it for roughly 7 hours a day .

    I don't expect that from my berry...but how long does the charge last when listening to tunes ?
    12-30-08 08:32 PM
  11. fitness210's Avatar
    It realy depends on whats going on at the time. I have a 16 gig Ipod touch before I had my curve I have song on my curve as well. I also have a psp. I think my curve is great very amazing device but I dont think I will do away with my Ipod or my psp.
    12-30-08 09:40 PM
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