08-08-16 10:25 AM
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    Yep, same with Android. You see the thing is, you get these people who will try make-up the most farfetched reason not to have a feature because their fav phone maker doesn't do it. They tend to be very ignorant on how it is implemented.

    I could use the wrong finger(s) in front of someone who wants me to unlock my phone until the point where it asks for a pin or just send the phone straight to pin

    Its so much better when we are given choice.
    Yeah, "these people". Got everyone figured out, generalized and put in their little ignorant loony bin box.

    Or.... check this out: people might genuinely have an informed educated opinion about it that might differ from yours. *mind blown!, right?

    But on a serious note, I personally don't like the idea of biometrics being used as security on devices. And it might be possible for someone who isn't, as you say, 'ignorant' to not care for that convenience.
    Specially with the recent U.S. court rulings making it so easy to force your hand (see what I did there? Lol) in that regard, but offering more protection with use of passwords.

    Kumbaya hallelujah and tater tots, Mon frere.


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    08-08-16 10:25 AM
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