1. Thud Hardsmack's Avatar
    I keep my blackberry plugged in whatever chance I get, sometimes it seems ludicrous to think it's a mobile phone. With one charge on my Bold, I'll almost last through an entire day.
    Last I checked, Bold is a BlackBerry. Talking about two different devices?

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    02-21-11 03:08 PM
  2. danisnotstan's Avatar
    I have a Style 9670 and my battery is at 60% right now after 17hrs being on 3G. I had 1hr phone call on bluetooth, maybe 20 texts, a few emails and about 2 1/2hrs of web/Facebook and a few bluetooth file transfers (bluetooth off when not in use, wifi off, facebook set to update every 3hrs. Opera Mini is the only app I added to the phone besides Facebook. I also close out all apps when not in use. I usually get more texts and the lowest my battery has ever been is 30-40% after 18-19hrs. I once forgot to charge and after 27hrs it was at 25%. Not bad for such a small battery.

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    02-23-11 02:44 AM
  3. daddybear's Avatar
    I have the Verizon Bold 9650 also. After suffering through a few days with the stock battery I grabbed the Seidio extended battery (just like I did for my Curve). yes...it makes the phone bigger. BUT...I get a hundred emails a day. I make a hundred phone calls a day. I listen to XM radio, iheart radio, I watch the NFL network. I text message, BBM, mms, I use it to check the weather, hockey scores, google a hundred times a day, google maps, and I use my Bluetooth headset all day to make calls and listen to music.

    I pull my phone off the charger at 5 am every day, and by the end of the day I have 3 and a 1/2 bars at 9 pm.

    I never need to charge during the day I neer need my car charger. I don't work for or endorse Seidio. But it is the best solution if you want long battery life and are on the go and can't charge ten times a day. It only took a few days to get used to the bigger back. The only downside is a lot of the cases won't work with it. But I'm so used to it now I just carry it without a case. I can still use my cradle with it.


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    02-23-11 08:51 PM
  4. BayouBengal21's Avatar
    Actually decided to see how long my battery would last till dead today. Off charger at 630am and with about 30 minutes of calls, 20 minutes of web, 50 texts, 2 hours of music and bluetooth headset connected all day my battery got into the red at 830pm. 14 hours is pretty good to me. I think thats about the best your going to get with the stock battery on the 9650 unless you just dont use your phone very much.
    02-23-11 09:33 PM
  5. Mr One 2's Avatar
    I have two batteries for my storm. Both brand new came w my insurance claim and the second because the first refurb was bad. One battery drains like to twenty percent in five hours. The second lasts ten. Both w consistent usage of bbm w group chat as well. Txt twenty minutes of calls and around two hours browsing through the day on OM5.

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    02-23-11 10:21 PM
  6. bullshark's Avatar
    Pearl 3G 9100, auto shut off at night, auto on in the morning, light use I can do 3 days between charge, heavier use, 2 days. Battery life is just awesome, but the phone is new, I expect it will go down as time goes on.
    02-24-11 03:14 AM
  7. SmakBerry's Avatar
    My battery was horrible with the os that it was shipped with... I think it was .243. But it has been much improved with .450
    02-24-11 03:17 AM
  8. johnmizer's Avatar
    more than 2 days
    02-24-11 10:39 AM
  9. RegN's Avatar
    I get pretty much 2 days but I turn off conections for the night which seems to help

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    02-24-11 11:30 AM
  10. agp423's Avatar
    I have to charge it once every 10 hours or so.
    02-24-11 12:36 PM
  11. COrancher's Avatar
    With the Torch running the stock 6.0 it came with for ATT, the battery lasts me at LEAST a day and a half. That's with heavy texting, moderate web usage, a few brief calls, and some sporadic BBM and/or random app usage. Battery life works for me!
    02-28-11 06:49 AM
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