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    I've been struggling with a BT car kit device in my 05 Camry. I'm on a 9530 from VZW on .151 and the BT is an Alpine ex-10. It is a stand alone BT and I'm using my Camry radio (pre-BT). The devices are paired and connect with no issues. Dialed, received calls show up on the BT no problem. I am able to receive and place calls through the BT without much difficulty. The names only (apparently no phone numbers) from my BB contacts sync into the BT.

    However, that is where my problems begin. I am unable to use the BT's remote control to dial out because it looks like the only data that synced up from my contacts are just the names! No numbers. The Alpine rep told me I should try calling RIM to see if they've created a "Pin Stack Update" for the Storm and that is sounds like the phone numbers aren't getting added to the BT's PBAP (phone book access profile or something like that).

    Long story short....does anyone on here have any clue as to how much success I should plan on having (or not) with getting my Storm to sync up the phone numbers in addition to the names?

    Any tips, suggestions, pointers, etc are much appreciated.
    08-27-09 12:33 PM