1. winkman19713's Avatar
    Really, it has gotten ridiculous about the purchase of a 7 year old plane. What about the 50 plus million it costs to be on the F1 cars? BlackBerry needs to get ahead of all this and let Thor go and get someone in there who will fight like hell the next 6 months to get things stabilized. The WSJ is on someone's payroll to bury this company once and for all. God Dam sick of it. Sorry. Just hate seeing BlackBerry get beat up for stupid stuff that only aims at hurting their public image to the grave.

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    09-22-13 11:28 PM
  2. carlyincanada's Avatar
    I agree and the press don't help with kicking them down every chance they get!
    09-22-13 11:46 PM
  3. stackberry369's Avatar
    Do apple,Microsoft and google realize that it is in their best interest that blackberry survives?if the lamestream media and stock shorter can destroy blackberry, what makes them think that they won't be targeted next?
    09-22-13 11:51 PM
  4. --TommesJay--'s Avatar
    Come on it's BlackBerry's biggest asset, it's worth more than BlackBerry.

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    OMG, I think I'll switch over to iMore, even there is a better BlackBerry vibe then here on CB.

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    09-23-13 01:03 AM
  5. DSL9700's Avatar
    who knows maybe blackberry flipped those jets and made a profit. and btw that bbm sticker was quite visible during the race when they flipped to a helmet cam.
    09-23-13 01:35 AM
  6. SK122387's Avatar
    Replacing Thorsten would only make the company look even more desperate and out of control.

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    09-23-13 01:38 AM
  7. trroystory's Avatar
    OMG, I think I'll switch over to iMore, even there is a better BlackBerry vibe then here on CB.

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    He has been bashing blackberry all day apparently..iv read two threads today and both had him in it..both with one liner responses bashing the brand..which is cool..ur entitled to your opinion..but if you have nothing positive to say... using an iPhone to post, clearly not hear looking for help in regards to blackberry issues...why stay? why take time out your day just to mess up the air in the room.. i don't get it

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    09-23-13 04:21 AM

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