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    While Ive had a Blackberry for several years Im looking to take this thing to the next level to help me in my business and Im looking for input on whats the best way I can go about this to accomplish this. Here's my situation:

    Im a vendor to apartment complexes and so Im looking for something that will work in my situation. I frequently go out and visit with apartment managers and I will soon have a girl working for me as well. Im looking for something where I can schedule follow ups and have a central client list. I need something also where I can collaborate with the girl Im going to have working for me and schedule things that might need to be done for my clients in the coming days. It seems like Maximizer is perfect for something like this but BES might also work but I dont know enough about it to make a decision. Does anyone here use maximizer or anything similar from their blackberry to handle clients like this?
    09-27-09 06:00 PM