1. Easy-G's Avatar
    I think we're all wondering what devices Mr. Boulben had in mind when he said they were hoping to launch 6 BB10 devices in 2013. Let's take a crack at guessing, in order of release

    1. Z10
    2. X10
    3. "Curve" - I'm a little uncertain as to the best timing for an entry level BB10 phone... BB10 needs to come out of the gate with higher margin phones, but cannot neglect emerging markets/entry level consumers.
    4. "Torch" - people will ***** when crazy new chipsets like those revealed at CES come out when the Z10 they bought in February is running "dated" hardware. A Q3 release could address the "Torch" market and provide a spec bump at the same time.

    ... after this, I'm just reaching...

    5. "Aristo" - phablet type with bitchin' hardware. Might be a tough sell if launched around "Samsung Note 3" time Sept/Oct, but it would bring out the full-touch BB people that want a big-*** screen.

    6. "PlayBook 2" - BB10 will need to be an overwhelming success if RIM is to even consider making a new PlayBook (LTE version notwithstanding). I just don't see it happening. I really like the PlayBook, but it was a commercial failure - something RIM can't afford to have happen during its recovery.
    01-09-13 05:40 PM
  2. JR A's Avatar
    I hope you're right...

    Hopefully this is NOT the same marketing crap RIM has done before, for instance:

    1. Bold 9900
    2. Bold 9930
    3. Curve 9300
    4. Curve 9330
    5. Torch 9850
    6. Torch 9860

    etc., etc...

    Same phone, different cellular radios... But launching 6 phones!!!!1!111!!1!
    01-09-13 06:10 PM
  3. vespajet's Avatar
    More than likely the 6 BB10 devices will be of the following:


    Mid-level (Z10)
    Top-end (Aristo?)


    Mid-level (X10)

    Then again, they could simply consider the GSM and CDMA versions of the Z10 and X10 as being "two different devices"......
    jakie55 likes this.
    01-09-13 06:26 PM
  4. westcoastit's Avatar
    They've already said they are launching three versions of both the touchscreen and physical , the 'six devices' thing isn't news.
    X10 with 16GB, X10 with 32GB, X10 with 64GB
    Z10 with 16GB, Z10 with 32GB, Z10 with 64GB.

    Low end, middle, high end.
    01-09-13 08:19 PM
  5. fernandez21's Avatar
    I'm hoping for a slider, but more likely it will be:
    Full touch screen, one high end and one low price
    Qwerty device, high end and low price
    7" tablet and 10" tablet.
    01-09-13 10:19 PM

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