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    I just went to a three day conference and I most deifintely used my phone as much if not more than everyone I knew there. By 4 o'clock every day we had to stop and charge their Iphones. I still had 49% on my 9850 and continued to use as much as I wanted and made it to the hotel with at least 25% left. I also then realized that people were charging phones everywhere. I totally noticed then that 90% of them were Iphones and the rest were other phones. I did not see one BlackBerry having to be plugged in, including mine. Nice job RIM. I can also say that I did not see alot of BlackBerry devices around. Playbook went with me and was so awesome to have. Cheers Get on the Marketing RIM, you have amazing products.
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    10-07-12 07:26 PM
  2. nololos's Avatar
    I hear you on the battery life....I love that I dont have to charge mine sometimes at night. Im thinking that iPhones need to be charged so much because they need to check their crops or cafe restaurants constantly. :P
    Proudest moment? When iPhone 5 was released...that day I marched in to AT&T and traded in my 4S fro the 9900. It was before my upgrade was ready and I was willing to pay the huge difference. They waived my upgrade date and ended up giving me money back. There was defs shock and awe that I wasnt there getting my iPhone 5 like everyone else. Made me a happy BB girl once again.
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    10-07-12 07:36 PM
  3. jagrlover's Avatar
    I've told this story before here but it seems appropriate here. I was at a waterpark with my family and some friends with their families and they all had I-phones. The resort had free wifi but the I-phones couldn't find it. My old 9800 found not only it but about a dozen other networks. Later we wanted to go to the liquor store so we all opened up our "LCBO on the go" apps and my BB app directed me to a store down the street while their I-phone apps directed them to another town. Priceless.
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    10-07-12 08:58 PM
  4. Balti43's Avatar
    At my base pilots try to get airtime by flying from Arizona to California, and many soldiers can sign up to take a trip to California with them for free since they're already doing it for training. well a buddy and i were going to cali and on our way back i was talking on my phone (blackberry 9700) and my buddy was playing a game on his iPhone and the there was a slight shock to the helicopter and both our phones and some other equipment went flying out of the helicopter, not from too high of an altitude we were landing. I'm guessing between 40-50 feet. well when we collected all our gear, my friends iPhone was shattered. couldn't even see into the screen. my bb's headphone jack broke but other than that it was fully functional, in fact my girlfriend was still on the other line haha. we both had gel cases on that we had bought in California. it just made me proud to own a durable well manufactured phone. i hope bb10 are as durable
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    10-07-12 10:33 PM
  5. shemaree09's Avatar
    Took a road trip with family and my friend was using Google maps on his Android phone.

    After a while the Google Maps just crapped out and couldn't find the location. I pulled out my Bold 9930, launched Telenav, and let the voice- turn-by turn directions guide us the rest of the roadtrip....while his Android just searched and searched and searched lol

    Also, I went with my iPhone loving friend to an all day outdoor festival. We got there at 1pm. By 2pm her iPhone was dying. She had to go indoors and find an outlet to charge her iPhone while the concert was going on outside. Because she didnt want to miss too much of the show she could only let it charge for 20 mins. After taking a few photos and tweeting, her phone was completely dead by 8pm when we left. Between 1pm and 8pm I took tons of photos, short video clips, tweeted/texted, and my Blackberry died after I got home around 11pm that night .
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    10-08-12 12:23 PM
  6. lengend's Avatar
    When I get done quicker on my 9900 than my brother on his iPhone 4.
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    10-08-12 01:21 PM
  7. Shpitalnik's Avatar
    There were a few moments brought me a smile of BlackBerry.
    First when we had to send an urgent email about a colleague from work and from work
    Tried to send through his iPhone and took a long time when I sent in seconds Soforot
    Number email and I solved the immediate problem. Suddenly started asking me how I send an email so quickly.

    I made a competition with my brother who has the Galaxy S 2 and we were looking for a ship's dimensions Caribbean Royal Centre, and worked BlackBerry Internet faster without being connected to a wireless network than the Galaxy has been connected to the wireless network
    10-08-12 02:11 PM
  8. Berry_Pink's Avatar
    i have a few smug moments lol

    - my friend who was bragging about her brand new iphone 4s's custom abilities such as jailbreaking and colour housing (expensive - cost her 75 for a purple front and back and would have cost her 125 altogether for the home button to match too) compared to samsung galaxy and blackberry when i told her that blackberry has custom themes, no need to be jailbroken to customize it either, cheap yet good quality housing replacement in any colour you want and you can do it yourself with almost no risk of breaking your phone etc which she immediately sulked over lol. no big deal but it made me smile

    - a stranger on the bus's wonder at nfc, he asked us why we kept bumping our phones together and then viewing our screens and when we told him we were sending pictures he thought we were lying, being silly and using bluetooth but bumping the phones for fun... until we showed him how fast and easy it was lol
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    10-08-12 08:57 PM
  9. filoinstyle's Avatar
    When at work my boss asked me to set up work's email on my blackberry because its secure and reliable compared to iPhones and Androids, easier to type and read messages, no wonder why blackberry is more designed to be a business companion

    Posted from My Mobile App
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    10-09-12 09:04 AM
  10. LyoobaBerry's Avatar
    In years been more than just a few...
    1. Migrating 25 people from BPS 4.1.4 to BESX 5 without them ever noticing anything!
    2. Using BB Maps to drive through Thessaloniki and make correct exit in order to reach Sitonia peninsula, where both iPhone and car's own GPS have failed to notify us in advance
    3. Demonstrating Bridge and its capabilities to the rest of my colleagues, all of which are either Apple or Android die-hards - two PBs got sold
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    12-31-12 07:19 AM
  11. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    Lol, I just watched my friend take over a minute to type in a complicated password with capitals, numbers and special symbols on his iphone. He had to delete and start over a couple of times.

    After he was finished I showed him how I can type it in 3 seconds on my 9900.

    BB Maps took me last week straight to the door of a client's personal address in the middle of the countryside where others were telling me it doesn't show on maps and I should ring him for directions.

    First thing he said was "how did you find me" lol

    My 9900 is nothing special unfortunately when it comes to battery life except it charges fully very fast but I have a 9700 that shows 60% left after 48 hours, with 24hrs bridged to my PlayBook.
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    12-31-12 07:54 AM
  12. anon(4018671)'s Avatar
    A group of us were outside and started showing YouTube videos. Most of us are BlackBerry owners and had no problem at all, enter a guy with a HTC. His screen was so dark you couldn't even tell that it was on except for hearing the audio track. I felt bad for him because thats something you should be able to do. But I felt gooood for #teamblackberry!
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    12-31-12 08:18 AM

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