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    Yes all the marketshare and stock stuff is kinda depressing, but I've come to realize that: I don't give a ****. It doesn't affect me, and RIM will be around long enough to support the email servers for my contract term.

    All I want a smartphone to do is emails, facebook, music, calls and most importantly: do it all efficiently and quickly. and that is what my Pearl does.

    What is your definition of a smartphone, and how well does yours carry out your day-to-day tasks?
    06-18-11 06:34 AM
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    A smartphone for me is, that has a fairly good backup, i understand if I tweet and facebook all day, then the backup will go down. Should have decent GPS capabilities, should have good browsing. I currently own a nokia E63, a BlackBerry curve, and a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, out of the three i find the data services, backup, interface the best on the BlackBerry. Not that I am a die hard blackberry supporter, but at the moment nothing beats the propositions i look for in the blackberry
    06-18-11 07:23 AM
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    My own simple definition of a smartphone is anything that is capable of internet browsing. I think phones from a few years ago where their biggest break through features were push to talk on Nextel or blurry cameras.

    Now a smartphones has to be able to surf the web and dl apps. My own definition with no rhyme or reason...
    06-18-11 09:06 AM
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    A smartphone for me is a phone which lets me manage and do all kinds of stuff
    Obviously calls, sms, mms etc blabla, calendar and all the other basic stuff like camera, video, in addition it has to let me browse the internet, download apps (lots of useful stuff)
    Also it obviously needs different messenger and social network apps, for example facebook, twitter, skype, msn, IM+ etc
    It also needs RSS support (integrated or via an app, i dont care)
    It has to let me customize itself a little, it needs good battery life..
    It should be fast and smooth, not crash all the time and freeze
    needs gps

    Well yeah, all that stuff, basically it just gotta let me manage my life easily, stay in contact with friends and all that
    Its supposed to be an enjoyable experience

    a mini-computer

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    06-18-11 09:27 AM
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    For the company I work for, it is mandatory that I must be able to perform the following duties:

    - Place phone calls
    - Check my Email
    - Browse the internet (mostly Google things)
    - Text message clients
    - Log tickets and time entries in ConnectWise
    - Join a wireless network and perform basic network scans of that network (to know all devices that are online and some of the services each one of those devices can perform)
    - Use Remote Desktop, telnet, and VNC
    - Use either DropBox or FTPOnTheGo, etc... some way of accessing files remotely
    - Add Email accounts and FTP users / set up new domains w/ WHM and cPanel
    - Tether to my laptop if it is available
    - Calendar which yells at me when I'm late to go to my next meeting or service call

    I am sometimes on the road for 14+ hours doing my job, I use a laptop when I can but more often than not, I am quickly logging my time or making small changes to our hosting clients etc... on my smartphone. It is expected to be a miniature computer that is always with me... I am sure this is not the norm.

    Currently, the only phones I can use for work that allow me to perform my job properly are iPhones or Android phones.

    Now, for personal use, I don't care much about any of the previous, I need it to:

    - Take great pictures
    - Take great videos
    - Have a great (or quickly chargeable) battery
    - Text and check Emails
    - Stream YouTube and videos well
    - I hook it up to my car as my music player so needs a great music player
    - Great set of different games I can play
    - Support my banking application (and mint.com)
    - Must have an extremely smooth and nice interface, choppyness, unsmoothness and lag drive me crazy

    So, the device I've chosen is the iPhone 4. It's the first iPhone I've had, and to be quite honest, I hate every other Apple product I've touched. I cannot stand their operating system for their desktops and laptops, I dislike Steve Jobs and almost everything else about their company. Saying that, this phone is one of the most reliable smartphones I've used and it does everything I could imagine a smartphone doing and then some.

    I am eagerly awaiting the QNX BB phones, as well as the development platform for it. I went to University for computer science and have made a few basic BB and Android apps. I would love to try to make an iPhone app, but they don't allow you to make them if you're not on a Mac... so I've never made one. Super excited for writing QNX BB apps in some awesome SDK they release (hopefully)!

    EDIT: One other thing I hate about Apple is that stupid iPad, giant iPod for the lose. To be quite honest, I hate the entire tablet market and find a device that large that isn't a full operating system to be really, really stupid. Once again, all of this is my opinion, no hate pl0x.
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    06-18-11 09:31 AM
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    A smart phone for me is one that

    Rememebers all my contacts and let's me say them by name
    Remind me when I am suppose to..
    -- pay a bill
    -- call a person
    -- send an email
    Easily allows me to keep connected in multiple ways beyond just voice

    It is simple really, a smart phone makes up for my bad memory, and makes me reachable by multiple means. Everything else is just gravy

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    06-18-11 12:35 PM
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    What A smartphone means to me, what I need in a smartphone:

    Keep contacts and not lose them

    Is able to record videos in excess of 2, 5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 45, 50 and 60 minutes on a memory card, without cutting out and starting over.

    That doesn't crash at all. Period. Or kernel panic (Only happened once on my BB, no idea why), needs to be rock-solid stable.

    Battery life is a plus, it has to be able to take, accept and use third party aftermarket extended batteries.

    Screen needs to be at a high enough resolution to be able to read and zoom in on text on the screen. 320x240 or higher is preferred. Touch screen is optional, qwerty physical keyboard preferred.

    Phone needs to work without crashing, or rebooting during a call. SMS, MMS need to also work.

    Apps need to be able to be installed and not be useless or freeze up when used, even after a device reboot.

    Camera app needs to at least be able to take decent pictures when a digital camera isn't appropriate for the area I'm in or going to that doesn't allow cameras.

    Data services and e-mail need to work without a problem, same with wifi (now that all depends on the router/hotspot and quality of the connection), it shouldn't drop out.

    My blackberry is what I use and love.

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    06-19-11 03:16 AM
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    Any phone that supports push email

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    06-19-11 04:06 PM