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    I consider myself as a new berry user though I love my Q10 until I got robbed last december. I got my Q10 last May 2014. Right now im on a BlackBerry Classic.. im still happy as before and right now Im not looking of getting any mobile device outside BlackBerry because of call quality and physical keyboard spoiled me also security wise nothing beats BlackBerry.. but I just want to share my first perception on BlackBerry devices during the time that I was a android user:

    1. Blackberry is so expensive
    2. Blackberry looks so old with physical keyboard
    3. Blackberry has a crappy specs compare to android yet it is more expensive.
    4. When Q10 and Z10 arrived my first impression is that Z10 is more expensive because its the touch screen one while Q10 does have keyboard
    5. Blackberry is more of a business device
    (I got this one right)

    Only after I studied the specs and hardware of both devices that I realized that Q10 looks so premium..

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    01-19-16 08:22 PM
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    Moving parts such as a keyboard are much harder to design well and keep functioning. Touch screen is simply glass.
    Q10 is both a classy phone as well as classic phone.

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    01-19-16 08:32 PM
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    I enjoy my Classic as well. My biggest gain with BlackBerry is all the email functionality and productivity. I switch back and forth between a few phones and BlackBerry just gives me the experience I am looking for and the high quality that one expects from a phone. My other devices are a Z30 and Note 4.

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    01-19-16 08:37 PM
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    THEN: I came to BlackBerry after an extensive search to find a replacement to Windows Mobile 6.5. IOS and Android wasn't for me.
    BlackBerry10 was a GodSend, with little compromise. I gladly purchased my Z10 (though I loved the build of the Q10, but for the small display.). I was all in and watched the platform grow and issues being addressed:
    1) the OS matured with each update.
    2) the app gap closed (enough for my usage) with improvements to the BlackBerry Marketplace, Good-E Reader, Amazon, Google Playstore and Snap access.
    3) Then the roll out of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition was my icing on the cake .
    Now: it seems like a dream deferred.
    Many Faithful BlackBerry Supporters still exist, but in some ways the vision and the heart of BlackBerry has changed.

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