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    So I don't really know anything about the latest and greatest hardware or software that is out there. I know a lot of people on here do though! I would love your input on this.

    What would it take to make the greatest phone out there right now?(And hopefully last till a new one is put out). Are there builds that people have come up with by researching and building one?

    If RIM were to build a phone to blow peoples minds I also know it will take great software. They have QNX and are going to use that. So the OS seems to be covered. But people complain about how Blackberry's don't have enough apps, but shouldn't it be quality over quantity? Sadly it's been proven that it isn't the case. People talk about how many apps there are on Apple's app store, what I would love to know is how many different kinds there are. The duplicates must be astonishing. It would be in RIM's benifit to bring people back to the mindset of quality not quantity.

    What do you think it would take to put RIM back on top?

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    04-30-11 02:25 AM
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    Well for me the greatest phone is already out: The Bold 9780.
    Regarding the Apps: I would like RIM to loosen the BES/BIS restrictions and some updated software, e.G. Seesmic is still in Version 1.4, but there is already an update version for Android that also includes Facebook-Management.
    And I would like a more stable browser with session restore.
    That would be it for me
    04-30-11 02:47 AM
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    You mentioned quality over quantity. I've had an iPhone 4 for the last eight months and that was the only phone I've had other than a blackberry for four years. Don't get me wrong, blackberry is the phone for me but as far as apps go, blackberry has nothhing over apple when it comes to quality or qhantity.

    I recently switched back to blackberry and I'm not looking back. The only thing I miss is the selection of apps but blackberry tops iphone is almost every other category.

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    04-30-11 04:57 AM
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    Sorry for my poor spelling.

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    04-30-11 04:58 AM
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    I don't really need a lot of third party apps for my BlackBerry. It does everything well without them, honestly.

    I mean seriousy... who needs a fart machine app on their BlackBerry (or any phone for that matter)? Give me a break.
    04-30-11 06:19 AM