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    What Will RIM Do About Memory Problems On The BlackBerry?

    "As many of you may already know, memory has been a point of contention for BlackBerry users for quite some time. To get straight to the point, there simply isnít enough of it. Sure, the newest devices have 16 gig media cards and 2 gigs of internal memory, but, you really only have 256 MB of application
    space. Once you factor in the OS you are probably only talking about a 100 MB or so from which to install and run applications and if you donít have a BlackBerry Storm2 or better, the problem is dramatically worse.

    The big hit at the BlackBerry Developerís Conference
    this week was OpenGL ES which brings 3D graphics support to BlackBerry applications. Starting with the BlackBerry Storm2 and the BlackBerry Curve 8530, developers are going to deliver applications and games that rival what you see on the the iPhone. The problem for RIM, however, is that 3D graphics take up space. They take up a lot of space and the BlackBerrys antiquated way of handling memory is going to be a huge bottleneck.

    BlackBerry App Worldís ability to archive rarely used applications and store them on your media card allowing you to reclaim that precious application memory is great feature, but, it gets really old really quick when you have do it with apps you use regularly simply because you are out of memory.

    RIM needs to fix thisÖ"

    What do you guys think?

    This is the only reason why I have Iphone Envy...because they can use their entire harddrive to install applications, which allows you to have much better applications that don't always rely on data (for example, the entire Wikipedia on ure Iphone without using data)
    11-12-09 10:17 PM
  2. Slapnpop826's Avatar
    I never understood the logic behind not being able to run apps from my card. Even windows mobile let's you do that. This limitation will ultimately hurt the productivity of the app store.
    11-15-09 08:37 PM
  3. zhelf's Avatar
    i agree with you whole heartedly but after os a clean device has about 130mb if it has 256mb total.

    I think RIM will eventally lear to put some ROM on all the devices so you can run apps from there because that is essentially how the iphone works with its hard drive the storage needs to be integrated unlike an sd card so it can run smoother and access time will be very little. Hopefully that will be RIM's next improvement is adding ROM to all the devices and then allowing the apps to be stored to ROM.

    Personally this is the only thing hold the BB back.
    11-15-09 09:45 PM
  4. BlackBerryr's Avatar
    Yeah, I hope RIM will let us run apps from a card....
    11-15-09 10:43 PM
  5. billbobaggins's Avatar
    I have 22 apps on my Tour with 92 Mbs remaining.
    From everything I have heard or read the reason so far for not being able to use the sd card for apps is for security reasons. I hope this changes soon.
    11-15-09 11:06 PM
  6. eyecon82's Avatar
    Yea, I'd love to have apps like the Iphone (and im no Iphone fanboy)...like the wikipedia app which doesn't require data (but takes up like 2 gigs of space)
    11-15-09 11:18 PM
  7. Pete777's Avatar
    I have been hearing that security is the reason why SD card memory cannot be accessed to use for applications (even though Palm and Samsung have been allowing it with no issues for a long time) since I got my Bold earlier this year. However, no one has ever given me any more detail than "security", so I can only assume that it has to do with preventing viruses from migrating between the device and an Enterprise or Exchange Server that the user would be connecting to back at the office.

    If this is the case, it seems to me that the programmers at RIM can come up with a way for IT people at any given corporation to lock a users (employees) device so that it maintains this level of security. Meanwhile, the average non-Exchange Server user (or sole proprietor) would have the option to unlock the security level to allow them to access the SD card to load and run applications.

    Anyone listening? I myself am not a programmer, but I believe that this can be developed.
    11-15-09 11:36 PM
  8. cavingjan's Avatar
    Prevention of key loggers and other data stealing programs would be the most logical assumption.

    With the newer apps coming out (particularly the OpenGL games with lots of textures), there is nothing stopping the developers from using the card for storage. You just don't want your primary app running from there due to speed.

    PalmOS got around the speed problem by copying the app into the main memory prior to loading it and then deleting it when you were done. But it was slow on start up for large apps. About the only time you want to use it was rarely used apps (think something you use one or twice a month rather than daily). Also anything that needed to remain active (for alerts and such), could not be run from there.

    One of the limitations you would need to expect is when the card is mounted (AKA mass storage mode is enabled and running.) The card (and consequently any programs) are hidden from the phone so anything that was active will crash. Anything you try to start, will crash.

    The best policy in general is to code a small primary app. Data files can be stored and accessed from the card. With the app actually running from the phone's main memory, you can provide better error handling for the "missing" card in the event of a problem and gracefully exit out of the app.
    11-16-09 08:17 AM