1. JackSadler1996's Avatar
    I was just wondering what you guy think will happen to those people still using os6 and os7 when bb10 comes out will we still get support with our apps or will rim forget about us???

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    06-29-12 01:03 AM
  2. dbmalloy's Avatar
    RIM will forget about you... The CEO's comments on laser focus on BB10 is code for no support for 6.0 for sure.... maybe a bit longer for 7.1 but as usual we will be left in the lurch ala my Storm 2.....
    06-29-12 01:13 AM
  3. dandbj13's Avatar
    How would you like RIM to spend their last $2B? They can spend it developing OS 7 which is losing them money, or OS10 which is their last, best hope. You make the call.
    06-29-12 02:03 AM