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    So, what kind of data speed do you get when you're on WiFi?

    I did some benchmarking of 3G and WiFi data speeds out of curiosity using the Xtreme Labs speed test app. On 3G I see data rates ranging mostly from 300 - 1300 Kbps (with min/max of 90 / 1900 Kbps). I'm on T-mobile.

    On WiFi I get consistent speeds of around 450-550 Kbps. I tested it on two WiFi networks (802.11g/n, and the other is g-only; both with WEP). It's not limited by the network, as the house has Comcast; speed tests from a WiFi PC show 12Mbps repeatably (via both WiFi's).

    I was expecting WiFi to be faster than 3G... At least to be as fast as the fastest 3G results.

    What WiFi speeds are you all seeing???
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    11-22-09 10:02 AM
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    This is what I got using wifi......

    Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

    Connection Type: Wifi
    Avg. Download Speed: 1918.39Kbits/s
    Max. Download Speed: 2051.18Kbits/s

    Avg. Upload Speed: 590.06Kbits/s
    Max. Upload Speed: 1041.66Kbits/s

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    11-22-09 10:59 AM
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    on wifi:

    Avg download: 1658.56Kbits/s
    Max download: 3198.1Kbits/s

    Avg Upload: 382.41Kbits/s
    Max Upload: 1923.07Kbits/s
    11-22-09 11:10 AM
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    Running OS .423:

    Connection Type: Wifi
    Avg. Download Speed: 1908.85Kbits/s
    Max. Download Speed: 1921.31Kbits/s

    Avg. Upload Speed: 868.29Kbits/s
    Max. Upload Speed: 1063.82Kbits/s

    Even with these speeds, the browser is slow
    01-16-10 11:28 PM