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    Lately I have seen articles suggesting that WI-FI will be added to BB's before the end of 2007.

    What is the benefit of WI-FI in a BB device that already has internet access? It seems redundant.

    I love my BB, but a laptop is easier to work on. If I am in an airport and have a WI-FI enabled device, why do I need WI-FI in a BB? The world is WI-FI enabled, so why add the feature to a BB?

    I know that this is a passionate subject and my intent is not to be antagonistic. I would just like to be educated on the benefits of WI-FI in a BB.
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  2. schizo's Avatar
    the main benefit i see on this would be (and this would be in my case), connecting to my office PBX making and receiving internal calls as if i'm at my desk from anywhere in the office (bathroom )
    im sure they are other pros to it, but this is the only one im in for... not habing to walk around with freaky voip wireless phones
    06-04-07 07:33 PM
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    One of the benefits is that you don't have to use you cellular data bandwidth when you are in a WI FI enabled zone and connected to the internet. In the near future, mobile devices will be smart enough to automatically switch voice calls from cell networks to local networks (WI-FI) without the user even knowing about it. This 'smart' routing will optimize the usage of all available networks to minimize cost.
    06-04-07 07:42 PM