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    Just a note, I wrote this on Tuesday after finding out I was one of the lucky ones chosen for a pass to next week's conference. Posting now because I wasn't sure if I could actually pull this off and go.

    Nerves didnt allow me to sleep Sunday night after submitting my application to the free pass to the conference. So, when I saw my name in the winners list after being awake for around 30 hours, I know how I will react to a life-changing event while being a little loopy.

    I suppose Im getting used to it, this life a little loopy. Im not a developer or a computer programming person. I submitted an application that outlined what I felt a BlackBerry smartphone could do to help deal with this loopy life, one about how I was diagnosed with ADD a year ago, and that some challenging aspects of my life had ways to be improved. Neurology, not a character flaw, this is new, this is treatable, NFC and the smartphone could be the ticket.
    But what marked the biggest difference is that before, I would have talked myself out of submitting- heck I probably would have thought this to be a fun idea and thought nothing of it. But I didnt, I applied, I inquired and sought feedback. Great response. This could really be something. Lets find out some more things in San Jose and meet and visit with the right people. Lets just giver beans, if I dont know what is and isnt possible, I cant be bothered by my newbie-ness. Its often hard for an ADDer to see their progress (thatll be part of the app ), certainly winning a contest this amazing kind of lays it out in front of you.

    And it made me think of something, and its a pretty good buried lead to be honest. I had emailed Alec Saunders about a month ago, with just the idea, who said that it was pretty cool, I have some of the best BB experts choosing me from team CrackBerry. Who knows whatll happen next week, I highly doubt Im going to be bored and alone. The question that popped into my head was this - what other development environment would foster and believe in an art/journalist/Alberta bumpkin to go from an idea about how to help with my ADD to potentially creating an app,exploring new technologies and also the potential of gaining connections to reach a global audience? The best one, obviously, no walls to climb here.

    Its easy to not worry about the will it/wont it aspect of apps like Netflix and Skype when your own idea can take their place. RIM, and its fanatical supporters and great community best shown on CrackBerry, have really created a unique environment. Where users may lament if only my phone could do this, with this community, it can. Because BlackBerry people DO!

    Hey, we all have problems, big old corporations do too (maybe they are people ), but we can be part of the solution. Thats pretty rad, I think. The upcoming conference is going to be full of these people, oblivious to the falling sky forecast by many in the media. Theres plenty of trolls out there, chipping away at the bridge were on, but they're coming at it from below. They never thought to look above, see whats really going on, and what were building. I really shouldnt be part of it, really, but here I am.

    Ill be learning a tonne of things next week, but Ill take plenty of photos and keep writing about my experiences. Id love to meet as many people as possible, love to share app ideas and how the whole thing works. I am just stoked!

    Thanks again to CrackBerry and RIM for this chance, you're the Freddie Prinze Jr. to my Rachael Leigh Cook. Sorry for the weird reference, just popped into my head there.
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    09-21-12 11:36 PM
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    Best of luck Magoo403!
    Thats a great story, can't wait to see what comes of it. Looking forward to hearing form you!
    Enjoy the conference!
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    09-22-12 12:20 AM
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    Nice read. Nice story. Go tackle a dream friend and don't look back!

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    09-22-12 12:36 AM
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    Thanks Dapper37 and BB-Bmore, really appreciate it.
    I am thinking that I'll try posting on my blog.lathom.ca site, has anyone experience using Movable Type on their Playbook?
    09-22-12 05:13 PM