1. undone's Avatar
    So I was out getting lunch. And I noticed as I was checking out what was today's foods at the counter, Blackberries. Out of the people with phones in their hands, all of them were Blackberries. Sure it was only 3 people, but I found it interesting, they where all older (40ish+). Maybe its the people that shop in the health food store or something, but I wonder if there is a correlation between age and phone type.

    Random observations FTW!
    08-26-11 12:29 PM
  2. Deathcommand's Avatar
    At my high school,
    About %50 BlackBerry (Mostly Curves, I've seen 1 girl with a bold 1 with a torch, at least 5 guys with a bold, Excluding me)

    %40 iPhone
    then %10 Android.

    Keep in mind that this is at my high school where most people drive around a freaking mustang to school.

    Then. at my college,
    a bit over 50 %. From the week that I've been there, I've seen most of them on BBM, So i guess thats a good sign for RIM.
    then like 25% iPhone, and %25 Android.

    Only the smartphones I notice.
    Oh and I've seen 2 nokias. lol the old ones.
    08-26-11 12:33 PM
  3. James Wang's Avatar
    umm androids everywhere. and iphones everywhere. I go to Northwestern University which is near Chicago. I'd say blackberries make up about 5%. Interesting idea about the age though. I'll keep a lookout for that.
    08-26-11 12:35 PM
  4. justineporter's Avatar
    I am a bartender in a university town in Nova Scotia, Can. And of course you have the young people texting it up while ordering drinks. I see probably 60% Blackberrys, 30% iPhones, 10% androids.

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    08-26-11 01:00 PM
  5. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Funny, I was at a concert and the people around me were snapping pics with their phones (as was I). Two men in suits and a professionally dressed woman had a Blackberry. The two older women next to me had Samsungs (androids) and everyone else around had an iphone. I'd say the ones using iPhones were of the "over 55" year old category...Of course, the age thing may not matter here because I was probably the youngest of those I observed! LMAO
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    08-26-11 01:02 PM
  6. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    I'm wondering do you guys left out dumb phones intentionally or is really noone using them anymore in US?
    The only person I know using a dumbphone is my ex and he inherited that phone from his 83 year old mother after a horse ate his other phone. My dad had a dumbphone before he passed away last month.

    Here, the vast majority are iPhones. One other doc in the practice I bill for has a Bold. I have a S2. My co-worker has a Droid2. Several of the docs and CRNAs have iPhones. One CRNA has a Nokia. Sister and her hubs have iPhones. I see very few BBs out in the wild.
    08-26-11 01:19 PM
  7. bmacc's Avatar
    I go to a university and it's pretty much
    70% iPhone
    20% Android
    5% Blackberry
    5% Everything else

    iPhones have lost the cool factor, but apparently you're weird/outcast if you don't carry one.
    08-26-11 03:41 PM
  8. chuckh0308's Avatar
    I mostly see iPhones in Seattle, BUT at least around here, those with iPhones tend to flaunt it the most. I'd say more than 50% of the iPhone owners in the area want to make sure that everyone else knows they have an iPhone. I think it's funny, actually...
    08-26-11 04:41 PM
  9. ridesno159's Avatar
    I'm sitting at my favorite bar right now, looking around about everyone has their phones out.

    Next to me are 2 Android phones (Motorola and HTC), down the bar are a Tour, Bold, 88XX WE, iPhone, 8700 (what a diehard), and lastly a guy playing on his iPad with a Torch in front of him.

    A wide array of people too. A couple of expensive suits and a guy who looks like he uses his iPhone as a home.

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    08-26-11 05:00 PM
  10. Duvi's Avatar
    In NYC, it seems a majority of the women have an iPhone (about 60%). BlackBerry devices come in second with around 25%, usually on bbm. All other females either have an android or dumbphone.

    Of the males, it's hard to say because I don't look their way really, but if I had to guess, it would probably be mostly android and blackberry for the older males. The younger males usually have an iPhone, listening to the iPod and/or playing a game.

    I like to pull out and use all 3 devices. My iPhone 4, Photon 4G and Torch 9800.
    08-26-11 05:17 PM
  11. crigga84's Avatar
    I spend a lot of time in the City Centre.

    I see a lot of touchscreen, identical-looking phones (HTC, iPhone)

    But I see a lot of Blackberries and hear the tones going off all over.
    08-26-11 05:39 PM
  12. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    In the Mining/ Heady duty Trucking/Military circles

    Among the people in positions of management or sales, 80% Android, 10% dumb phone, 9% iPhone, 1 Android.

    Among the guys running fork lifts, picking orders, and student's working counters, 50% BlackBerry, 30% iPhone, 20% Android Have not seen a dumb phone

    Among the Truck drivers, and Miners, 30% BlackBerry 30% Dumb Phone, 20% Android, 10% iPhone
    08-26-11 07:40 PM
  13. rellyrellz's Avatar
    At work I see about 80% iPhones 10% android and 10% blackberries. BB's might belittle more but the are pretty close.
    08-26-11 08:53 PM
  14. JR A's Avatar
    Here in the Silicon Valley where all the technology is invented, I see iPhones and Android.

    Very, very few do I see people with BBs (maybe 2 out of 10 if that), and if I do see a BB, it's usually someone in their late 30's or 40's using it.

    Even most of the "business" people I've seen around are using iPhone or Android.

    I guess that's pretty much given considering we're in Android and Apples own backyard here...
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    08-26-11 10:06 PM
  15. KarmelVixen's Avatar
    When I'm around people I know it's about 80% Android 20% iPhone & No Blackberries or Dumb phones

    When I'm out in public it's about 50% iPhone 35% Android 13% Blackberry 2% Dumb phone
    08-26-11 10:15 PM
  16. joeyyowee's Avatar
    Does anyone have the actual statistics on how many people buy blackberries as opposed to iphones? I think I see about an equal amount of blackberries as I do iphones overall.
    08-26-11 10:56 PM
  17. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    Does anyone have the actual statistics on how many people buy blackberries as opposed to iphones? I think I see about an equal amount of blackberries as I do iphones overall.
    globally iPhones have outsold BlackBerry 3:1 pretty consistently since the iPhone 4 launch.
    RIM doesn't break out regional statistics anymore
    08-26-11 10:57 PM
  18. joeyyowee's Avatar
    globally iPhones have outsold BlackBerry 3:1 pretty consistently since the iPhone 4 launch.
    RIM doesn't break out regional statistics anymore
    That's unfortunate, but I can't say I'm surprised.
    08-26-11 11:04 PM
  19. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Seen allot of blackberries while crusing the downtown core on the bike. Some idevices and droids too. Allot of feature phones and flippies including some sliders. Ah yeah, gotta love toronto

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    08-26-11 11:10 PM
  20. jonathon.94's Avatar
    Around here (central georgia US), those who have smartphones 30% is iphones 60% is Android and 10% is Blackberry. from the ones I have spoken to who owns blackberrys, they love their devices. Even have one Storm2 owner who likes his device besides a keyboard bug.
    08-26-11 11:16 PM
  21. lssanjose's Avatar
    iPhone , or Android

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    08-26-11 11:16 PM
  22. csickgrind's Avatar
    I live in florida, I see 50% android, 25/25 iphone/blackberry

    Most of the girls have blackberry curves or androids, guys use blackberry bolds or iphones.

    I run a blackberry curve 8530 its my first blackberry, but I am going to upgrade to a bold soon

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    08-27-11 05:40 AM
  23. Xterra2's Avatar
    In my college
    60% use bb
    IPhone 0.006%
    Andrioid - 0%
    The rest use Symbian phones

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    08-27-11 07:03 AM