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    There are as many 3rd party blackberry apps as humans alive, and every time I read through the weekly Software Roundup from Falconer, I can't help but dry heave once again at the inane content that's actually being charged $20-$30. Not to downplay the developers efforts, but I'll be sh*t stain on the wall before I pay for something that should be free. (Calorie counter?! English-Metric converter?! Really???) For the record, I AM a college student and therefore in penny pinching mode (though Jivetalk won me over).

    *Oh, and iphone installer has more solid apps for free.

    Without further pause for rant, here's what I propose Bberry natively NEEDS:

    1) Mutliple Alarms
    Unless RIM has signed a contract with the pecuniary devils that they are forbidden to make a string of alarms so Mobylo can, this is PURE GOAT TURD. Oh, and I'd like a stopwatch.

    2) HTML emails

    Am I to believe that BBSmart or Empower will be effed in the ey once this becomes publicly available?

    3) BB LED Alerts
    This isn't that big of a deal, but I'm impressed at the level of customization RIM allows. So...why the inconsistency? $13 for BB Alerts?! So I can play with colors? That I OWN?!!

    4) Tabbed browsing
    No one's done this right on BB. I'll hold my breath.

    5) Control my Ps3 via Bluetooth
    This one's my wish. I'm gonna make an app and charge $50 so you can pause, play, ff and perform spinning combos with Kratos. P.S. Jk.

    6) More Wifi capable warez
    As an 8320 user, I'd wish more apps began to utilize the wifi like JiveT did. Unless I'm mistaken, more and more devices are integrating wifi into their hardware, and a few lines of code can CERTAINLY oblige.

    7) A robust media player
    I've no problem with the built-in media player. Until Miutunes came out. Dayum. So now we know defeating ugliness is possible - and fast!! Scrolling albumart and songs is speedy, and clicking tunes to play is almost as fast as my ipod nano. What the hey.

    8) Flashlight
    Every thing since the pearl's had a flash for the camera. There must be code that tells the flash to blink when taking a photo. Beta 4.5 proved you can keep the flash on during a video record. What's the holdup RIM?!

    9) Integrated File unzipping
    I don't know anything that does this, but wouldn't this relinquish the need for constant OTA requests? DL the alx/cod zip, unzip, install. Cancer is cured.

    10) Free Gps
    I've never touched an 8310, but isn't charging for GPS a bit scammy? There are portable GPS navis out there (I own two myself) that haven't asked me for my credit card and social security info so why should TeleNav?

    11) Attachment downloads

    When I held my first Curve in my hands the email was awesome. A friend asked me if she could send me a song once and I was like, yeaah suure, I got a Blackberry dude. "Message truncated due to size."

    12) Threaded SMS.
    Or soooome option to make the deluge of 20th century telegrams organized. Please???

    13) Folders for email

    14) Web Flash support. Even a little.

    15) Tone+Vibrate Simultaenously
    This one should be a no-brainer right?

    16) Install apps to media card.
    The only reason I skimp on some apps like Viigo is the Curve's ridiculous memory leak.

    17) Format Text
    Wouldn't email be so much more fun in bold or italics with some strikethroughs? ABSOLUTELY!

    18) Send texts or emails at a specified time
    I once proposed that you write an email before you sleep to be fired off at 6am while you wake at 8am. Well, I don't know anything that does this, so it just seems like a good idea to me.

    19) Better photo quality
    I keep believing the curve's camera is better than it lets on. It really isn't that bad, it just likes to play dumb. The pearl's camera is pretty sharp itself. My biggest gripe is the awful white balance and the lack of skin tones. A fix pretty please?

    A few side notes: Games and maaaaybe themes are totally sweet. They're softs that you CHOOSE to pick up and play. No problems here.
    Also, choosing software that are improvements upon than BB's native versions are your choice. (ie. JiveT, Flipside, empower)

    Before you start firing off that I'm just cheap, everything on this list has a free PC equivalent counterpart. If an app can be made by some shmuck for people to use around the world, then the same should be said true for the berry. Let's just mandate Paypal sidebars for developers! But please, don't forsake the company you built around RIM for me.
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    I have to agree whole heartedly...google maps is a free app to use with the gps, yet you still have to have the wireless internet service just to use it...yeah I might be cheap, but I think that Att is *** raping me with the internet service ($30 just for having a BB!?! WTF...othe smart phones are listed as a $20 interenet fee!?!)...I payed out the *** to get the best smart phone/e-mail/multi-media/life scheduling device around..and I am going to be charged for apps to tweak its performance or make it more fun or user friendly...

    bunch of BS if you ask me...yet I am sure some one will post after me and say, "not everything in life is free, or free to develope." Here's a pre F-U on that...

    Also there are some people that make themes and only ask for donations, donated $2 to the gu that created a BETTER iberry theme for curve...yes better than the one listed on this site for $7...why can others not do the same?

    Oh yeah its all about the $$..or you can blame it all on the price of a barrel of oil (wich is also BS, F-U oil companies and setting record high profit margins while I have to eat ramen cause I still HAVE TO DRIVE TO WORK...)

    Ok my ranting is over...anyone else?

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    05-24-08 06:19 PM
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    Tmob is the most generous with $20/mo. But who knows how much it'll rise whne 3g and the bold roll out.

    When dsl used to cost $40, paying that or more for a voice plan was/is the most ludicrous thing ever I mean c'mon...bleh

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    05-24-08 07:32 PM
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    Here here!! I second that motion, man.

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    05-24-08 10:21 PM
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    Well, I hope the MODS don't shut it down for just stating your opinion.
    05-24-08 10:45 PM
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    Oh you mean probably the same guys that stated they had very reliable source that said 4.5 could be out as soon as April 19!!end quote...

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    05-24-08 11:25 PM
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    we need 8 gig support on the 8830
    05-24-08 11:39 PM
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    Mettle and Morpheus, my fist is raised in the air supporting your cause.

    How about a fix to our exclusive memory leak prob and/or doing more with our memory cards... Sha know?

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    05-25-08 12:20 AM
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    Change doesn't happen without a revolution...

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    05-25-08 08:46 PM
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    Whoa hahaha jeez, these are merely suggestive nudges and proposals, not a protest.

    I'd rather protest text message prices. I'd gargle elephant cr@p if 160 letters really cost 15 cents.
    05-26-08 04:03 AM
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    Added some stuff. No particular order anymore.
    05-27-08 05:05 AM
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    Lol...well...the way I look at it is you pay mucho dinero for a BBerry...and you have to pay to get QUALITY apps for it, when other cheaper and suckier smart devices have quality apps for FREE...

    Best way to describe what is happening is like buying a Ferrari...and having to pay extra for seats and an engine...

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    05-27-08 07:57 PM
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    Perhaps rim signed contracts with the little guys so developers could have a chance to get in on the market, it'd be too easy and nonprofitable if RIM made the BB perfect.

    Though formatted text, alarms, and HTML email should've been here from day one.
    05-27-08 09:15 PM
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    Tmob is the most generous with $20/mo. But who knows how much it'll rise whne 3g and the bold roll out.

    When dsl used to cost $40, paying that or more for a voice plan was/is the most ludicrous thing ever I mean c'mon...bleh

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    No need to worry then as the BOLD for t-mobile will not be equipped with 3g.
    05-27-08 11:04 PM
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    This is probably the best thread I have ever seen on this message board besides the ones that actually lend a hand in fixing stuff.

    I completely agree with everything you have said! However, they would have to delay releasing 4.5 WAAAHHHHH! haha, thats all you would hear if RIM took this route. I wouldn't mind, I can tell you that much.
    05-27-08 11:04 PM
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    Agreed on 12, 13, 15 & 16.

    10... Already exists. BB Maps & Gmaps. Nav4All if you'd like turn by turn. Garmin offers one time fee of $100 to $150 for a one time fee. The GPS units you hold cost money, therefore you did pay for it. Telenav just charges monthly as they aren't selling you any hardware. I was one to say I would never pay, but I ended doing so for Telenav as it's an incredible app.
    05-27-08 11:08 PM
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    wow...and still waiting on ATT's 4.5...dumdeedum...when WAS this supposed to be out?

    any want to speculate and go for 0-3?
    12-02-08 06:49 PM
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    When the Bold gets sold out and sales get slow on them, low and behold, Version 4.5 with a few more goodies will pop up as available for the Curve. It's all about timing to maximize sales and income streams. They want you to burn up on the Curve and spend the dough for the upgrade to The Next Big Thing. You can thanks the Early Adopters for this marketing scheme. You ever heard the song "I Want a New Toy" by Lene Lovich from the 1980's? Would make a great ringtone for your Dingleberry. New Toy Lyrics - Lene Lovich
    12-02-08 07:22 PM
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    OS 4.5 is already out and none of what you wrote is gonna be added besides the HTML emails and the free gps as those are already in 4.5, gps was always free. Yes 4.5 is only beta but the only changes you will see are small fixes and optimizations.
    Thank you crackberry for being a ***** once again. Thank you for timing out on me all the time especially when my signal is as strong as possible. This thread timed out on me 9 out of the last 11 times I tried it, yet every other thread I tried loads just fine...
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    wow what provider do you have that GPS is free?!?

    att's version of 4.5 is not out, last time I checked, wich was 2 minutes ago...

    and yes it has been timing out A LOT...
    12-02-08 11:27 PM
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    when did ATT ever charge you for bbmaps or google maps? Att's version? All gsm versions are the same. Go find a beta and there is your 4.5.
    12-03-08 01:27 AM
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    Comming from Treos I feel your pain I have had 6 palm os phones. And 2 windows mobile phones with my time using treos. And palm had the most free aps they were useful but not ground breaking in any sence. Windows Mobile had less free apps but none the still had a great number of free apps. My last 2 phones Treo 755p and Treo 800w are some of the best smartphones made you know next to BB's. but they didn't cost me a cent extra for my sero plan 29.99 for everything free 500 anytime mins. Unlimted everything elese. I get the Curve and now my plan is the but 69.00 a month now. And if I want to go back to my treos it stays the same as my sero plan has been nixed just great

    This site and forum should try to focus on free aps and make your money wit acessories and hardware such as the handsets them self.

    We want free apps

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    12-03-08 04:49 AM