1. ripley2010's Avatar
    I've had my Playbook since October 2011 and used BlackBerry's website via the tablet and laptop dozens of times. Not once have I ever successfully logged into the app world through my computer to change or update my payment option/information the first time. It's always something different but this time I'm completely baffled and asking for your help.

    I successfully login to appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/?. I click on "My Payment Options" and again it wants me to login. I try and try. It never says the username or password is wrong, it simply propigates the login screen again and again. I typed in a wrong password to test it and it did tell me it was wrong. I re-typed in the right one and the perpetual cycle starts all over again. I've tried three different browsers and the same thing continues to happen. I've even reset my password and confirmed that new password... tried to logon and the cycle just continues.

    Is there any other way to update my payment option/info??? I cannot purchase any apps until I do because all of my credit and debit cards were re-issued after a company computer breach took place in SC that included my personal and financial info. Their site offers a link to contact them about blackberry.com site issues or feedback but I immediately received an automatic response from them saying my email to support was NOT delivered... with no explanation.

    Without resolution, my use of Blackberry anything is over. There's nothing I can do if they refuse to help me. Any help would be appreciated.
    12-19-12 10:10 PM
  2. LazyEvul's Avatar
    That's bizarre, can't think of any good reason why the website wouldn't work. If you have a BlackBerry phone, you can modify your BlackBerry ID payment options in the phone's options. Otherwise I'd recommend calling support, their phone number should be available on the BlackBerry website.
    12-19-12 10:14 PM

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