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    Im 13 yrs old and i was wondering what grades are needed to have a job or something to do with RIM. Forget apple and google, i want to know whats needed to work for them as i have a great interest. i also have started building my own themes and apps. For a 13 yr old theres a lot i know about tech.
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    01-29-13 06:19 PM
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    Well done, Kye. And great attitude too!

    One thing you'll realize more and more is that it takes more than a specific grade to get a specific job.
    The vast majority of jobs that care about particular schooling only really care about pass/fail. i.e. Did you get your certificate/diploma/etc?

    And besides, there are many types of jobs at any large company.

    What you should do is find out where RIM advertises for open jobs and check the listings for requirements. Then you figure out what you need for post-secondary education. Then you can find the admittance requirements for that post-secondary education and focus on those goals for high school.
    01-29-13 07:10 PM
  3. snaqvi91's Avatar
    Get involved in extra curricular activities and leadership stuff like becoming class president or whatever you guys have. That will go a loooong way towards a job. Grades can come later. As long as you go to an accredited engineering skool or a decent computer science skool you're good to go. It would help to go to a skool like U of Waterloo where RIM hires from a lot since its literally right across the parking lot lol. But this will not guarantee it. Just do stuff to show that you are a great team player, take initiative with stuff and do some coding in the side if you can. Realistically Canadian employers dont care about grades except in some specific fields like law and actuarial science. So focus on what matters and engage in stuff you enjoy (not gaming).
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    01-29-13 07:26 PM

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