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    Rather than start to rehash everyone's bad experiences, and we all have them, report offensive posts to the mods. They're working hard but it's like playing whack a mole. The more proactive you are reporting rude, unhelpful, off topic, crude, derogatory, racist, inflammatory, crude posts the better the forum becomes.

    I'm sincerely sorry to hear you got negative replies. You deserved better.
    Mods, I would like to report an unhelpful post. And slightly off topic.

    Just being VERY proactive (overly?).

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    10-26-14 02:35 AM
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    I once asked who knows how to download a leaked OS

    Someone replied "your mom"

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    I guess I should have worded it better. I didn't necessarily mean posts which were negative per say, but posts which stood out. This can either be good or bad. One post which was funny that also stood out was when I asked members if there was any hope of reviving my Z10 after taking through a wash cycle in my washer. I knew it was most likely dead but why not. One member responded with

    "Have you tried restarting it?"

    I needed the laugh haha.
    10-26-14 03:01 AM
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    Why does the Passport have square edges?

    Why can't BlackBerry do _____ when iPhone can?

    Why can't I get BB10 on the PlayBook?

    Why do I have to do a battery pull?

    Why is BlackBerry based in Canada instead of the USA?

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    10-26-14 03:40 AM
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    Too many to mention, which is why I love this place.

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    10-26-14 05:54 AM
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    Is this available for Z10STL100-1?

    Disclaimer: STL100-1 user myself (Z10STL100-1/

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    My favorite was when I was expressing displeasure with BB Maps on my Z10. I was saying that on Google Maps (which I was used to) you could input a destination slightly wrong (for example, a store called Tea Drops input as Teadrops) and it would find it, but BB Maps would give me results for Teadrops in Canada instead of Tea Drops a few miles away in Kansas City. This guy insisted that the BB Maps way was better! I get being a fan, but common sense is a beautiful thing.

    Also, all the people who were bashing those reporting the rebooting issue on the Z10, saying they were trolls and just here to start trouble. Nope, turned out to be quite a problem.
    10-26-14 09:40 AM

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