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    im confused on what exactly makes a smart phone, a smart phone. Average phones are getting more educated by the day. What separates a smart phone from a regular phone with a qwerty keyboard, email capabilities, and a web browser? Or a better question what is the definition of a smart phone?
    01-30-09 09:47 PM
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    If you ask me, it's the ability to adapt to what the user requires. If you look at the major smart phone platforms (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile) they both have the ability to do e-mail (bb service is head and shoulders above any in this aspect) and they have the ability to save and run any number of applications either from the manufacturer or 3rd party, to do whatever the user requires. Also, they are easily upgradable (at least bb is, I don't know much about winmo) so you can keep up with the fastly advancing technology. I don't know of any normal phone that can do any of this, they all come pre-programmed with a set number of programs, one browser, no e-mail technology, etc. That's my definition!

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    01-30-09 09:55 PM
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    I think "smartphone" is a term that is ending it's service life as most phones, like you said, are catching up in capability. I think smartphones are defined by the amount of control one has over the OS, customization and tailoring to personal usage, as well as the enhanced capabilities like media, mail, web, and file managing. Personal info organization and integration are also key aspects still owned by the smartphone.

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    01-30-09 09:56 PM
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    The person using it.

    Seriously, there is no concrete definition. Some consider any phone
    that has a keyboard a smartphone. Some view a device that has
    data and email capability a smartphone, etc.....

    Smartphone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    01-30-09 09:58 PM
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    Hah! AG beat me to that one
    01-30-09 10:24 PM
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    Hah! AG beat me to that one
    I concur, the moment I saw the header, that was my 1st thought. So, I read the thread and AG on the same page....

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    01-30-09 11:57 PM