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    Hello, shall I introduce myself as Rennat. I am actually not a blackberry user but instead my platform of choice is WebOS. Now before you kick me out of town and stone me for heresy, the reason why I am posting here is because I have wondered what makes you guys so passionate about all things blackberry? I am a WebOS enthusiast at heart but I love to watch other platforms struggle along side us to gain precedence in the market.

    I have handled a Playbook and like quite a few of aspects of it. I won't go into the whole discussion of RIM copying WebOS but I will say that they do share a lot of the same core ideals which has made me interested. The best thing about it is Qnix, which is the core reason for its fluidity and smoothness which I love! But it was released without the bare essentials which caused it to die off at launch.

    This being said, the reason why I am here is ask you awesome Crackberry enthusiasts why you love blackberry so much and what has kept you here over the long years. Have you strayed and just kept coming back for more or have you stayed loyal to RIM and surrounded yourself with all things blackberry? What makes blackberry your platform of choice? Do you love, hate, or wishful of RIM? Blackberry being one of the least modern or fluid OS, does this make you a bunch of awesome business people who love their corporate phones or have you gone out of your way to stay with blackberry and own the flagship device?

    Thank you for listening and you may begin stoning me if you wish ;-)
    08-07-11 11:39 PM
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    Well I hate to be the first but here are my reasons.
    1. I was introduced to BlackBerry at a Real Estate conference many years ago and that device, the 7100, was capable of bringing me, in the palm of my hands,all the info I needed in order to be more productive and maintain crisp and efficient communication with clients. To me it was a no-brainer. $20 a month for access to email, web and no voice since I had an unlimited plan with USCellular with a Moto Razor cell phone. Carry both phones at all times until 18 months later when I decide to combine two phones into one by buying my 2nd BB the 8320. Never looked back, never envied any one who had something flashier or prettier....it did what I needed and did it well.....Upgraded to the Curve 8900 simply because it was time to replace the 8320 but had no desire to look elsewhere....the form factor, an actual keyboard, UI experienced is so embedded in me that I don't need to read a BB manual anymore and the best thing of all is having a community like this one here ready to help you with any questions you may have and that to me is invaluable.........
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    I'm a blackberry die hard. Currently on Android because I left t-mobile and had to ditch my 9700 as my daily driver. For me its the speed of notifications. The massive amount of notifications to customize your phone to the point where you know what the message is before you read it. (although i feel os6 took a step back. Minus the new light speed) For me.. running Twitter, bbm, email, Facebook, sms, and mp3 all at once.. while getting notified instantly is the ultimate smartphone experience. I'm on an Evo now, just as good.. but for different reasons. The business I'm in thrives off media. The Evo is great for that! I'm not tied down to Rim. They don't pay my bills.

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    This community is made out a million to a thousand (backwards ftw!) people who love their devices, be it android, blackberry, etc. and knowledge is shared including help, amongst us all.

    PS. Blackberry satisfies me. I love my device, regardless of how many times it got tortured

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    08-08-11 02:47 AM
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    A Blackberry was the first cellular product I ever owned that I was able to completly setup the way I wanted it.

    It was the to have and retain tremendous battery life.

    It has a keyboard that is second to none. Even the cheaper curve models have a nice keypad.

    It was the first to perform better with age due to the open nature of the operating system.

    It was the first cellular product to properly handle all my email and messaging services, and with no glitches whatsoever. Anyone ever try to setup Cox email on another smartphone?

    It is the only phone where I have complete (almost) control over the UI.

    The only phone where all messages, all types, were delivered in one message application. <~~ Huge Plus For Me

    The only device to PUSH my messages out "to & from" the phone as soon as they are sent.

    I know a few of these things have been addressed in recent years with the others companies but none of them have combined all these features into an appealing ergonomic device that feels right in the hand.

    I have not found another device since I bought my 9000 in 2008 that I liked better, until the 9900 was introduced recently.

    Take a look, doesn't it look like they were trying to please the customers after 3 years?
    08-08-11 03:14 AM
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    I was a WM diehard after trying out a Palm Treo and hating it. I was handed my first work issued BB way back in 2004 and it was that hideous ugly black or blue thing with a monochromatic screen....hideously ugly compared to my WM colour device. Yet....I became addicted out of necessity...I had to stay in touch with my work. I lived tied to that thing.
    Fast forward to the release of the Curve 8310. I still had (still do) work issued BBerries but this was the first time I went BB and gave up my WM phone, at the time a Tilt. Been on BB ever since.
    I tried an iPhone 3GS and returned it within 29 days. Battery life was atrocious and no multitasking.
    I recently gave an Atrix away to a family member after carrying it for a month and seeing a device which was initially lightning fast suddenly become laggy and unresponsive. Also a battery life that failed to see me through one full work day. And I hated having to use gmail which I don't like.
    I currently carry a 9650 for work and a personal Torch. Waiting to get the Torch 2 and the 9900, along with quite possibly the new Curve. Having tried WM, Palm, iOS and Android, BB's OS, inherent superior security due to the core code being hidden since only the VM and application layers are field accessible (as my favourite mod once explained to me), and productivity tools, BB is what works best for me and what I stay with.
    Sorry - forgot....this community...came in looking for information and became completely addicted. I've made dear friends here who will be lifelong friends.
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