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    A long time ago in a universe far, far away...... I got a cell phone and signed up with Air Touch Cellular which became Verizon Wireless one day when I wasn't looking. I had a Motorola E815 which new-every-twod into a V3m which I replaced with a V9m. I swapped it for a BB 8130 and began my BB adventures. The Pearl was replaced by a 8330 (still the best BB E*V*E*R IMHO!) but that was replaced with a 9630 which came to an end when man's best friend misread "BlackBerry" as "Chew Toy"!

    Meanwhile, I'd had my fill of VZW promising to provide service in the area where my sister lives and checking coverage it became apparent that T-Mobile could provide coverage in the areas where I needed it (I don't care about coverage where I don't need it, my carrier only needs to provide coverage in 4 specific areas and T-Mo does that plus UMA/WiFi calling fills in the blanks.) So off to T-Mobile and a BB9700 which, while a GREAT phone, seemed inferior in quality to the 9630 which seemed inferior in quality to the 8330.

    Then... I got an Android phone. I really like BBs but, for me, Android offers more. Through Craig's List I experimented with WinMo, etc. and decide Android was it for me.

    Now AT&T, the epitome of EVIL and STUPID and customer dis-satisfaction, is buying T-Mo and I will NOT DEAL WITH AT&T!

    The decision was made that when the buyout was complete, I'd go back to VZW but when T-Mo decided I couldn't switch from my Android to my BB w/o changing to a new plan, I figured, why wait?

    So, I'm now happily running an Android phone on VZW (don't give me the money crap, the price is just $5 more for VZW) and this long, boring tale is my way of saying good bye AirTouch, goodbye T-Mo, goodbye BlackBerry and goodbye Crackberry!

    This site has been a wonderful help to me and I'll drop by from time to time. Maybe some day I'll be back to BB but I really doubt it.....

    Thanks to all of you who've helped.
    08-04-11 11:29 PM
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    08-05-11 12:00 AM