1. Soul_Est's Avatar
    Computer Engineering and Networking student and blogger. I use my 9900 to keep on top of my work and review for my courses. Clock, Messages (email, SMS), BBM Tasks, MemoPad, Calendar, and Social Feeds are the native apps that I use the most in that capacity. I've also added OneMediaHub to sync my Google Contacts and Google Calendar to the phone and sync the notes and tasks from my phone. The WordPress application is indispensible for blogging. Whatsapp, Google Authenticator, HERE (maps), BBSSH, KeePass for BlackBerry v2, and CrackBerry Forums round out the rest of what I use on the device.
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    04-18-14 03:03 PM
  2. arfin's Avatar
    BlackBerry should get a hold of this thread and post some of these as quotes on their website or something

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    04-18-14 03:08 PM
  3. TgeekB's Avatar
    mine helps map my joging and also helps me acess my ebooks on the go
    You have a job jogging? Cool!

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    04-18-14 08:43 PM
  4. IJKBB10's Avatar
    Work in IT and just loved how my BlackBerry Torch handled email. Waited for BB 10 after buying the PlayBook and loving the OS then. BB 10 on my new z30 is awesome with the Hub showing all my msgs (emails, texts, BBMs, notifications, Facebook msgs and etc) peak and flow. BlackBerry and BB 10 = communication and getting things done better than anyone else!

    ? Posted via CB10 on my ? Z30
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    04-18-14 10:57 PM
  5. sahilp17's Avatar
    I'm a college student and I know some may laugh at this, but it really helps me be organized when it comes to my assignments, emails from professors, emails from clubs, and even a twitter account that I manage for a club. BB10 is great!!

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    04-18-14 11:09 PM
  6. Nharzhool's Avatar
    I'm a lazy slob and my Z10 lets me do absolutely nothing as quickly and efficiently as possible! Without my Z10's Hub, I wouldn't be able to ignore all those job offers and debt-collectors so efficiently.

    Actually, I'm a Systems Engineer and Virtualization Specialist for a publicly traded IT firm. My Z10 doesn't actually help me with work but it is my personal device...we don't use company phones or BYOD (strangely enough).

    I'm also a part-time vocals, guitar, English and maths tutor for high-school and university students. It helps me organize and schedule everything and the Guitar Pro app helps me with riffs, scales, chord progressions etc. DLNA helps me connect to the Bluetooth speaker system for vocals coaching. The built-in calculator helps a lot for the maths.

    The Fitness BBM channel really helps me keep in shape for my other, other, other, OTHER part-time job: fitness coaching. Also helps for some nice work-outs for me to recommend and to help me ensure that posture and technique is correct.

    The Magic: The Gathering (Aptoide + Native) apps help me be useless and a disgusting neck-beard when I have free time...also, the Steam App (Aptoide) helps me co-ordinate my gaming efforts because being the uber-man is a full-time job. You know - Jack of all trades, master of none.
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    04-19-14 12:30 AM
  7. rotorwrench's Avatar
    Director Of Maintenance for an aviation MRO with primary emphasis on rotorcraft maintenance/mod/repair. We also conduct flight training, charter, contract and manufacturer services.

    My Q10 is issued, replacing my beloved 9930, with an issued PlayBook as well. What does my BB help me with? More like what does it not help me with. Invoices, work orders, spreadsheets, discrepancy sheets, progress reports, memos, project and task tracking. We do field work and I'm still able remain fully functional with the Q10 and the PB. I have downloaded tech manuals on both devices as well as online reference accounts. Photos are regularly taken and sent to manufacturer tech reps as well as customers. My mobile office.

    Now to the meat and potatoes: Communication. I send/receive emails, BBMs, texts and video chats with customers, manufacturers, vendors, contractors and my own people all day long and our BB phones have been indispensable in this regard. On BES, communication is fast, efficient, reliable and secure. Speaking of which, one of the main reasons we started deploying BBs is it is the only phone platform most all of our vendors and manufacturers will allow us to use to access their networks or data with. Most are govt and DoD contractors as well. Security is a priority with us and those we deal with as there is a lot of proprietary data traded back and forth. This requirement still holds true today.

    My BB and PB combo is as good if not better than having a personal assistant and has proven to be a serious productivity beast. Whether I'm working in Canada, the US, in between, on the ramp, in the hangar or on top of a helicopter, I'm connected and productive. Love my BBs.
    04-19-14 02:05 AM
  8. kevinnugent's Avatar
    I wish I could use the Z30 for work. Won't sync calendar entries with my works Outlook enterprise server. Useless ATM.
    04-19-14 05:26 AM
  9. Ray III's Avatar
    Equipment operator and truck driver, I like how quickly I can get to the point on my BB so it's not interrupting my work, and it doesn't get in my way like a slab phone. When driving a truck I have Google Maps on a keyboard shortcut so I can find myself on the satellite map with 2 button presses. My dispatcher can text me an address for a delivery and I can pull that up on said map as well. When running equipment, good luck typing on a touchscreen from a moving bulldozer. Trackpad navigation allows one handed use and I don't get dirt/oil on the screen.
    04-19-14 07:19 AM
  10. anon(5828343)'s Avatar
    I'm a management consultant and my Q10 helps me when I need to get of a 2+ page email to a client while I'm on the go (likely to visit another client). For everything else, I'm on my iPhone.
    04-19-14 08:26 AM
  11. chalx's Avatar
    IT supervisor managing ERP , mobile ordering and merchandising and few other stuff. Frankly, my Z10 can do same as any other smartphone (maybe even less than others), but it does it in some unique way that I enjoy so much. Yes, battery life is also great.
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    04-19-14 08:49 AM
  12. Tobster619's Avatar
    Student, BlackBerry 10 developer and journalist.

    I have previously owned a Curve 8520 & a Curve 9360 as well as a Playbook. I still have my Playbook but my BlackBerry Z10 is the device that I use every day and I have owned it since March 2013.

    Having a Z10 really helps me to keep organized; hub, peek and flow are definitely my favourite features as it allows me to see who's contacting me and all of my accounts are in one place.

    Working for different press outlets as well as managing my development company, means that I have quite a few email addresses and having a Z10 with the Hub is perfect as it is the only quick and fast solution for me to check all of my emails, notifications, facebook messages, tweets etc. all in one place.

    I obviously use core apps such as BBM, Docs to go, Blaq/ Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn all of the time to keep me going but I do like to play games occasionally and the apps and games that are available on BlackBerry World are phenomenal

    I have created Shopping For eBay and What To-Do, for my own needs really but it turns out that over 10,000 BlackBerry 10 users use my applications too - which is great to hear.

    To finish, my BlackBerry Z10 essentially simplifies my life by keeping everything in one place - the Hub - and I can quickly access that instead of having to go through each app individually.

    Thank you

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    04-19-14 08:53 AM
  13. lw4comm's Avatar
    Graphic Designer / Web Designer at Baseball America. Use Z10 to keep up with production schedules, take product shots, short video captures. Even use Z10 images in advertising.

    Also Media / Audio Director at church with long list of Ministries. Z10 helps me keep up with everything. Especially Remember, Evernote and Calendar.
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    04-19-14 08:56 AM
  14. ajst222's Avatar
    I am a student, and my Z10 makes it easier in some senses but also harder in others. As far as being connected with the Hub, it makes it easier. Some may not prefer having everything all in one place, and I myself am indifferent, really, but I'm saying it works. The multitasking is great as it is real time.

    As I said, there are some drawbacks: Apps. I also can't really use any Microsoft services. No Office. No OneNote. I like the Outlook inbox experience than BlackBerry's because of the view of flagged items as well. Battery life is terrible on the Z10, but that is a negative to the Z10 alone, and not really BB10.
    04-19-14 10:01 AM
  15. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    I'm a freelance Change Manager (eg Portfolio/Programme/Project Manager)

    Why do I use a BlackBerry?
    • many of my clients are government/regulated so the only phones that are allowed to access their corporate email are BlackBerry (so if I didn't have my own BlackBerry would have to carry two phones)
    • I prefer a QWERTY keyboard (and the Q10 keyboard is very good)
    • BlackBerry Bridge so I can open attachments on my PlayBook (eg word, excel, pdf, pictures)
    • Wi-Fi Calling - this functionality saves me a fortune when I travel and gives me phone access when I am somewhere remote (unfortunately this functionality is apparently still not out there as standard on 10.2.1..... but was extremely useful on my Bold 9900/9700.... EE-UK still state that they are waiting for BlackBerry to provide this functionality)
    • Hub Integration is really useful
    • Calendar Integration is really useful

    Still hoping that all of the functionality that was on my old Bold 9700/9900 gets ported across to the Q10........ and would love a Skype client that doesn't eat the battery so much!
    ADDENDUM: Forgot to put this bit into my original post - the Attachments option is absolutely FANTASTIC - eg the ability to send on an attachment from somebody else, without having to forward (or forward and edit) their email - this is a very important function for those of us to have to constantly send corporate 'slightly political' emails and (amended) attachments..... (the only minor downside of this functionality, is that you can only see the beginning of the filename - and lots of our documents have very long filenames with the version/config details at the end of the filename...)
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    04-19-14 11:29 AM
  16. stlabrat's Avatar
    I am a lab rat. My z10 kept me connected with pressing issues even I lost deep in the electron microscope. Communication with engineer or specialist on demand using BlackBerry kept every thing moving. I also using the camera on vacation, time shift mode let me shoot some nice image of my animal friends. My favorite apps are Bloomberg,bbm-channels kept me informed of aerospace, car race, classical music, and BlackBerry update. Fixster,bbtravel, poynt (DROID version, downloaded via amazon) , and be weather pro. No tweet, no face, and not linked.

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    04-19-14 01:00 PM
  17. Aljean Thein's Avatar
    Assistant Manager at a restaurant. And I use my BlackBerry for...texting my friends when I get bored...

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    04-19-14 02:24 PM
  18. fatclue_98's Avatar
    I'm a Project Manager in the construction industry (specializing in healthcare) and I need my Z10 to do all the heavy lifting that my company-issued iPhone 5 can't do. Mostly, attaching several files of different formats on a single email. Funny thing is that the powers that be took away my 9810 when they revised their contract to "make me more productive". How's that for a swift kick in the cojones?
    04-19-14 02:39 PM
  19. SunshineStateFlyer's Avatar
    I'm a student and working in aviation part-time.
    The Q10 is an absolutely awesome daily companion when it comes to communication and organization. I'm writing quite a few emails daily and I use BBM as well as whatsapp a lot. The HUB makes it perfectly efficient to tap out messages on different channels and to switch around between them. Also the keyboard is close to perfection and I type far more secure and fast on it than I would on a virtual keyboard.
    And then there's the hardware. Compact and solid form factor, elegant and professional design with a very serious appeal and it seems to be very durable. Also the battery performance has been very convincing so far.

    And to finalize the pros about my BlackBerry. It's just fun to type longer messages on it - I have never experienced that on another device. The BlackBerry experience is just similar to none.

    I know there are some drawbacks. Sometimes when I'm browsing the internet I wish I had an android phablet with such an awesome screen size and the supply of apps I want. Also picture quality is not the greatest, at least not with the Q10.
    But then there's no other phone that just gets the job done as much as my Q10. It feels like the good buddy assisting you with just the right information everytime you need it.

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-14 02:48 PM
  20. jmrat24's Avatar
    Install ductwork, use my Q10 for the remember app, keeping job #'s, contractors, pics of sheetmetal fittings and equipment specs in separate folders....and just great communication device all around...
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    04-19-14 08:09 PM
  21. ianbordas's Avatar
    International Sales, exporting from Miami all over Caribbean, Central and South America. BlackBerry helps me in so many ways, email & bbm connect me to all my customers as they know they can reach me 24/7. I use the camera everyday to take pics of products and send it via bluetooth to my PC and attach then to quotes, File manager helps me get access to my price lists while mobile and even created a BBM Channel to update my customers on all new products and industry news. Love my BlackBerry, can't wait to be able to upgrade to a Z30 to be able to use the USB hub features.

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-14 08:53 PM
  22. ianbordas's Avatar
    Forgot to mention I've been forcing some overseas customers to contact me via bbm telling then about the Voice Call Feature... FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLS! Most go right to it!

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    04-19-14 08:55 PM
  23. Monsterlad's Avatar
    Wow, there sure are a lot of successful people on here! Love reading all your reasons for using BB!
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    04-19-14 09:01 PM
  24. Solar 77's Avatar
    Wow, there sure are a lot of successful people on here! Love reading all your reasons for using BB!
    Agree! Really liking this thread and knowing how BlackBerry devices contribute to productivity.

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    04-19-14 09:17 PM
  25. TechADD's Avatar
    I work in the oilfield, I have a company iPhone. I use my personal Z30 to make calls, send messages etc... all day when the iPhone fails to get a signal.
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    04-19-14 10:17 PM
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