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    Hi all!

    I hope that I'm in the right corner to share with you some of my own thoughts & experience being a CrackBerry for a year or so. So apologies for those who are looking for the threads that give you advice on how to express your love to someone, because this is about how I express my love, addiction & support for BlackBerry while at the same time, wanting to know how fellow CrackBerrys here are doing their part in bringing up the BlackBerry community. I'm sure there are many of you out there who would do much more to spread the love. So here's my story:

    BlackBerry was just an unfamiliar name to me back in 2009. It was two months after my graduation, I was using a Nokia E63 back then. During the time, the Nokia E63 was the first 'smartphone' I've ever used & it was kinda cool rocking that baby in my circle of friends. Since it was a black E63, my friends at their first glance looking at the device, were immediately & spontaneously mistook the E63 with a BlackBerry. The funny thing is that at the very mention of the word "BlackBerry", i took it for granted assuming that BlackBerry was another name trying to make it to the local market.

    As time goes by, I got my first job as a poultry projects officer bearing that Nokia E63 which was later being replaced with a used Nokia E90 communicator, a phone that I assumed as a cool business phone at the time, a clamshell device that resembles a small laptop. So as a project officer, I was dealing with emails most of the time. The most frustrating thing was although the E90 was 'cool', I had to subscribe to daily internet subscription just to send emails. It was just a pain in the wallet. And my employer happened to be using a BlackBerry at the time. This was when I first met a BlackBerry in person. My employer at the time was using a Bold 9700. It was the most handsome phone I've ever seen (during that time), with the chrome bezel surrounding the device.

    Looking at the 9700, I was driven with urge to get a BlackBerry, plus it immediately came to my thoughts that my E90 was just a metal piece of crap.

    After a long wait (2-3 weeks) saving up the budget to get a 8520, I rushed to the store just to find out that Gemini was out of stock. So I came out with a 9300. So that was it. That was my first BB & I was so proud of having one.

    Since that was the first time I've ever used a BlackBerry, things were getting very smooth. My emails would get to the boss faster than any of my colleagues since I'm constantly online while on the move.

    Then after a month, I heard my one of my friends was letting of of his 8520 since he already have a Bold 9700. So I made a quick move, & got the 8520 as a second phone.
    After almost a month or two after getting the 9300, a newbie like me had two BBs. Talk about addiction.

    Using a BlackBerry is great, but having two of the same model seemed pointless. So to jump out of that boredom, I actually gave my 8520 for free to a good friend of mine since he was still using a black&white-coloured screen feature phone with only monophonic tones at the tome. It might sound like bragging, but honestly, it was a joy to see my friend having a BlackBerry for free, plus he did really need a phone like that to ensure his work become smoother.

    9300 was a sweet deal at first, until I bought a BlackBerry Tips, Tricks & Apps Volume 01 magazine published by Imagine Publishing from UK - i read the device reviews with scores at the end of each device review, it was tempting to get a Bold 9780 since it scored 9 out of 10, followed by Torch 9800 & Pearl 3G 9105 scoring 8/10, and followed by the Curve 3G at 7/10. What made the temptation even harder to resist was the comments saying the Bold series bearing killer QWERTY keyboards. Awesome keyboard & high score, that was enough to get me sold out.

    With the 9300 still in my hands, I quickly made it as a second device by purchasing a Bold 9780 on a 1 year contract.

    Now I have two BlackBerrys with me, the high-end workhorse & the low-end for the newcomers. It was so exciting.

    But what is the point of having great things in your hands without sharing it to others, right? So it happened that my father was rocking a feature phone back then - a slider Nokia E66. He used to express his feelings of embarassment using an old phone as his colleagues were all out with iPhones, BBs & android stuff. So to make the story short, I gave the 9300 (which was still in a very good condition) to my father as a present for Father's Day (some might question why I gave a secondhand BB to my father as a gift rather than buying a new one for him. well, let's just say that I was a bit 'broke' at the time after spending money buying another BB lol).

    Guess what? After a month or so after using the 9300, my father upgraded to a Bold 9700, & now is rocking a Bold 9790, trading-off the Bold 9700. He's really digging in into BBs right now.

    The addiction didn't stop there. It spread throughout the family. After having the Bold 9790 and enjoying the goodness of BB7, my father decided to replace my mother's Samsung Galaxy Mini with a BB Curve 9380 - & she's loving it right now, although she's having a hard time trying to remember how to copy-paste-forward things on the Curve. -

    The BB fever also spread to my dear uncle who stays with us. After I got my Curve 9300, he got himself a Storm 1, mistooked it for a Torch 9800. To make storytelling short, he's now a proud Torch 9860 user.

    After months rocking the Bold 9780, I decided to pick up a Torch 9800 and made the 9780 as a secondphone (which then later was given to my then-fiancee (now my wife) & managed to buy a refurbished Bold 9000 as a third phone.

    Not long after using the Bold 9000, once again I gave it away for free to a friend, which made him letting go of his Sony Ericsson Xperia X-10 Mini.

    The torch 9800 didn't made it that long; it got screwed - it was something to do with the screen & flex cable since it suffered series of "falls" on the cement floor. So i got myself a Bold 9900 which I'm happy having it right now. The Torch 9800 is still at the repair shop, waiting for me to get it back - as a second phone .

    Just recently, as the Bold 9780 my wife used was getting slower, I traded the Bold 9780 off with a Torch 9860. Now she's loving the great landscape of the touchscreen on that Torch.

    So, there you go. A little bit about my story, what I did for my part as a BlackBerry user to spread the love for the name. Some might see it pointless, some might say I'm just bragging. But whatever it is, I find it to be something that I really enjoy. Peace!
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    06-25-12 05:34 AM
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    Wow... talk about addiction. RIM loves consumers like you!!!

    Great sharing of experience by the way. Nice to know that with all the trolls around, we can still find people who are in love with their blackberries.
    06-25-12 06:31 AM
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    Wherever the OP lives must have very inexpensive prices on BlackBerry smartphones to be changing them so frequently. Nice story about your BlackBerry addiction; watch out for any bears in the blackberry patch.
    06-25-12 07:20 AM
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    hahaha, i don't care much about trolls. I try to live up the 'blackberry people do" slogan, and one of the aspects of being a 'do' people is ignore trolls.

    actually, BlackBerrys do cost a fortune here in Malaysia. buying a 8520 still cost you around almost 200 Canadian Dollars... it is still quite expensive... what more to say if you buy a 9900 here, it would still cost you around 500-600 canadian dollars....

    when there are android & iOS fans, there should also be the BlackBerry camp, & i really want BlackBerry for the win!

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    06-25-12 09:04 AM
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    That's an awesome story man! You've painted a cool family/bb tree

    Enjoy your 9900, for now, and get ready for BB10!
    06-25-12 10:30 AM
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    My mom was the one that got me on Blackberry.
    My aunt had an orange 8330 for a short while. My cousin had one for a while.
    But everybody switched to Android, & now iPhone. Lol.

    Back in high school when I had my Curve 3G I got one of my friends hooked on it & she went out & got herself one

    But sadly switched to Android a few months later lol.

    But it's good that you got you family hooked on BB's!!

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    06-25-12 10:36 AM
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    That's a good story man. I started my BB life with the Nextel Curve 8350i. From there the Style, and now the Bold 9930. In that time span, my wife got my 8350i till it finally died, then moved onto the Curve 8530, stepdaughter got the Curve 3G after using Android and inlaws started with the 8350i after seeing mine. The inlaws now have the Torch 9850 and I'm proud to say that I influenced all of this.

    On launch I picked up the PlayBook. Since then I have showed it to my company's Director, as we all use BlackBerry's, her response was "we need these for all the administrative staff". My father got one and now the Wife and stepdaughter have them too.
    Not trying to hijack your thread here, but that's been my contribution to RIM, and I just wanted to share.
    06-25-12 12:19 PM
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    Call me a fanboy or whatever, but it's actually great to know that there are still many CrackBerrys out there putting out tireless efforts, influencing others for the switch.

    BlackBerry People Do! Go camp BlackBerry!
    06-25-12 01:23 PM