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    After all the dissapointment, I'm going to need alot from RIM and Blackberry going forward. I'm going to need atleast 3 new phones, an all touch (yes I know its coming) a Bold style and a torch style, I think a flip would be good(i liked the style) but at least the other 3. I'm going to need them to get two new tablets. An upgraded 7 inch and a 10 inch tablet. I need more accesories available built for Blackberry. I don't like buying the other brands, but they need more choices. I also need them to start building services that will eliminate the need for Google. I have been able to keep iTunes out of my life and I want to rid myself of google. I don't think bing is an adequate search or at least I cant get use to it but even with that I need a gmail to use youtube and many other things. They should partner with Blockbuster and then who would care about netflix. At one time I though Amazon but now since Amazon cares little for my choice of device by making me choose between content and my device I could careless about them. They need to get with one of these cable or satelite companies to stream content to all devices, I'm tired of seeing everyone stream to android and I get no love. They need to leverage thier partnerships with automotive and QNX to get me cars that want to support my device, a built in BB dock would be great! They could get with an aftermarket company like Kenwood for BlackBerry something like that. There are alot of companies failing in the shadows of Apple and Google and partnership, well executed partnerships with good branding would help them all. I'm just rambling but they could do alot of things to help me stay in love with the product. I need a sports jacket that is made for my playbook to fit in the pocket! I need them to get deeper in the ownership so those of us that are staying true can retain pride in the ownership. I know why I keep Blackberry but I want those that don't know to know why I have a Blackberry...because its the best of the best even if its not the biggest.
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    Maybe since they cant partner with beats like HTC did maybe the should use that clear wireless technology that sleek uses, they say it sounds much better.
    07-01-12 03:48 PM
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    Those are expensive expectations – 3 phone models and 2 tablets. For both BB10 and OS7 on the phones? i.e. 8 total model lines, not including tablet configurations? Do you intend to buy at least one of each? Otherwise, why the devil do you demand this of them?

    RIM would be insane to personally tackle everything you expect from them in the next 1.5 years. I do agree that select partnerships and major 3rd party developers are critical but it must be remembered that RIM isn't currently working from a very strong bargaining position; that makes it very difficult for them to get what they want. By far the hardest will be the marketing support of one of the two biggest US carriers; that will be so important to mindshare as well as sales.
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    I don't disagree I just think it would have been great branding for blackberry.
    07-01-12 04:01 PM
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    I would buy both tablets, but not all the phones. I just want them to be able to capture and retain those who currently use a blackberry. I'd hate to see folks leave because there is only a touchscreen available or leave because there is not a slider option. I want them to get me excited and not hoping and praying it won't be all over soon. That is all.
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    I'm just hoping they are still around in 2014.
    07-01-12 04:07 PM
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    Those are expensive expectations

    RIM would be insane to personally tackle everything you expect from them in the next 1.5 years.
    I think they would be insane to think a killer phone will sell itself. I don't need to be sold personally but when it appears accessory manufactures and important app developers don't support a great product won't be an adequate choice. I think there are a few apps that truly matter and unfortunately we don't have them. Let's find a superior alternative. My example blockbuster, they aren't totally out of business but they are hurting, but the have what rim doesn't content.....

    I guess what I'm saying is why can't I buy a alarm clock with a blackberry dock, or car stereo with a blackberry input?
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    I would buy both tablets, but not all the phones. I just want them to be able to capture and retain those who currently use a blackberry. I'd hate to see folks leave because there is only a touchscreen available or leave because there is not a slider option. I want them to get me excited and not hoping and praying it won't be all over soon. That is all.
    I have to be with you on this one.
    People snap at RIM for not going with the times and go for full-touchscreen, preferably over 4'. Personally, I wouldn't buy that. I would stick with the Bold design.

    However, I see several ways for RIM to go:
    1. (the one I like most): give BB10 to at least a couple of the newer current models (maybe the Bolds?). Going all new with new devices and incompatible OS in the same generation would heavily alienate corporate users. Not even Apple did that (they break compatibility at most one generation away). Breaking compatibility now means really starting from scratch.

    2. do the way you've said with an arsenal of phones: bold-style, slide and full-touch + one tablet. The 7' already exists and will be upgraded to BB10 so one 10' to come (why not, I wouldn't buy it but I see many people are demanding it).

    3. Throw away the phones and focus on their secure messenger service: BBM + mail aggregator. Go corporate and offer it for a reasonable price (plus the integration with various collaborative suits), focus on dev + maintenance and leave the phone game to others (though I would still miss the Bold design).
    07-01-12 04:20 PM
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    I'm just hoping they are still around in 2014.
    I think they'll be around, although not in the way we imagine. If, God forbid, BB10 goes belly up, I think RIM will change into an infrastructure and services company(ex. IBM). I believe they're already laying the groundwork for that with Mobile Fusion.
    07-01-12 04:20 PM
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    I doubt we'll see a slider until the full touchscreen and qwerty style phone are successful. It just wouldn't be a good idea at first.

    For new tablets, I think their next ones should be styled along the lines of the Bold 9900, with chrome around the whole thing, that cool carbon fiber weave material on the back, maybe have the BlackBerry dots on the back light up when NFC is enabled? They need to flood tv and print or online banners with their tablet ads. So little marketing was done for the PlayBook, a tablet that can do so much.

    I have always thought that the Beats Audio built into devices was pretty cool. They're now in some HP laptops, and I've used my friend's--the speakers sound great. RIM should get into a partnership with Bose. "BlackBerry with Bose" has a nice ring to it, and implementing their speakers into BlackBerry tablets and high end phones would not only ensure better sound quality than competitors, but it would also be great for marketing.

    The BBM button on the lower end 9320 curves are really cool. I'd love one on my 9810 and 9900. I've said it before... the glowing trackpad on my 9900 still impresses me. It looks like it is 100% chrome or silver in the light, but in the dark, it glows that nice soft glow. RIM should make the BBM button using that same technology, but make the BBM button in the shape of the BBM icon, and have it glow BLUE when you have a new BBM. How cool would that look at night if you're phone is on the table and all of a sudden your silver BBM button is now glowing blue?!? It would be a nice touch.

    Those are my ideas for RIM. They're not very farfetched, and I think they're pretty practical. Car docks for BlackBerrys would have to be a ways off...we would need the first BB10 devices to be strongly adopted in order for car manufacturers to even consider putting docks for them in their vehicles.

    Has anyone heard of LiveScribe? It is a pen that you write with on a certain kind of paper, and it records everything you're hearing (like in a college lecture or meeting or whatever) and it also knows what you write, so you can access the notes you write by hand, on your computer. My idea would be... "LiveScribe on BlackBerry." You'd have to buy the pen. But then whatever notes you WROTE could be accessed on your phone in the Memo Pad, or the lecture you recorded could be filed in your BlackBerry as a Voice Note. So many times I write something down on a Post-It note, and lose the Post-It note and wish I had written whatever it was in my BlackBerry's Memo Pad. BlackBerrys are still big in the corporate world-- think of how many people would benefit from having their handwritten memos be on their BlackBerry. ..it would be like the ultimate "cloud," and it's something Apple hasn't done!
    07-01-12 07:37 PM
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    Personally i cqn deal with google but since i was taking computer engineering in school i have had this hate for apple. Might stem from the fact they use hidden messaging to attract buyers might be the fact thqt they bully people into believing their products are superior or it might be that fact that they are trying to bully themselves through the market without care for who they take down in their way.

    Either way karma is a and those assholes will burn and they will get what is coming to them. They will end up sinking back to the hole they were once in and this time there will be no ipod to pull them out
    07-01-12 11:30 PM
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    RIM just said they are having to delay 2014 until the first half of 2015.

    07-01-12 11:38 PM
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    I like the idea of partnerships for the next generation of phones. The companies I would like to see them tie in with:

    Adobe(Full product line adoption)
    Corel(MS Office is out, Corel WordPerfect is in, their whole office suite)
    Boston Acoustics(Great sound systems, North American brand, loved them in my old Charger)
    Nikon(The leader in Cameras is what they need to really leapfrog iPhone once and for all)

    Additionally they need to get on this integration thing going on. I should be able to link my phone to my laptop wirelessly, print via wifi from my phone and I like the streaming video idea.

    Its too late for this coming line but the next one? They better be doing all that !
    07-01-12 11:39 PM