04-20-14 03:21 AM
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    So you think a BlackBerry can't be hacked? Please don't tell me you think that because with thinking like that it seems that YOU are a perfect candidate. Any piece of technology can be modified and or hacked for either beneficial or malicious purposes. Those companies you mentioned had servers upon servers and layers of security storing probably thousands of terabytes of data and you think that a phone running a mobile operating system is immune to that. Please
    You don't even know how Target and Newman Marcus were hacked. They got in because of weak security for vendors.They then installed software on the point of sale machines to send the credit card data from the terminals to servers in Russia. They also had a malware program that would have detected the issue but didn't have it turned on. They didn't have layers of security and they didn't need access to the servers. They used front end devices to do the dirty work. And if the US followed the rest of the world with EMV chip and pin where the data is encrypted from the card to the bank, none of this would have happened.

    Like iOS and Android, this is a case where they took security lightly. The boot times and design of BB10 shows that they take security seriously and anyone would have a hard time hacking a BB10 device. Can you root iOS and Android? Yes. Can you root a BB10 device? No. Rooting a device is synonymous to having no malware detection. BB10 does malware detection by checking the OS files on boot. It also isolates OS and apps to prevent access. It also has strict permissions for apps.

    Can it be hacked? Maybe with a lot of time and resources. NSA tried with BB7 and documents showed that they were frustrated how difficult and time consuming it was to get any little bit of information. But why try to break into a hold with multiple locks, concrete walls, bars on the windows and attack dogs in the house, when the next door neighbors leaves their doors and windows open?
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    04-18-14 06:11 AM
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    Guys, looks like you completely missed my point. I was trying to ask what it would be like if the same operating system and experience you are having on you new BlackBerry phone is available on any other phone, never mind if it's named BB10 or QNX, or anything else.
    Please check out this article:

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    You asked the wrong question. Don't get mad that people answered your question, and not a question you didn't ask. BB10 is not QNX, and the two terms aren't interchangeable.

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    04-18-14 10:36 AM
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    No thanks

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    04-20-14 03:21 AM
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