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    1. More BlackBerry apps (Gallery App, Music Player, Video Player and File Manager. They should be feature rich to compete with the top contenders in their respective fields) I know everything can be downloaded from the Play Store so why should BlackBerry bother but this will give the customers a more feature rich experience and also help make BlackBerry suite of Apps more appealing and of course also help their OS licensing deals.
    2. Better use of the Touch enabled keyboard:
    Like swipe from the top towards the bottom on the home screen to bring down the notification tray. Or this could be assigned to the fingerprint sensor so that it can work across the OS.
    Also while in a text field, swipe from the top to bottom like on the VKB to bring up the special characters (can be accessed by the sym key but swiping feels faster and more natural IMO)
    3. More Keyboard shortcuts across BlackBerry apps:
    Like shortcuts in the camera apps to change various Modes-selfie, manual; Zoom-In, Zoom-Out etc
    4. Ability to pick up calls from the space bar (Only when the phone isn't in use or the screen is off. Should not work when the phone is in use and the call comes at the top as a notification as it in come in way of what one might be typing)
    5. The lock screen button in the shortcuts should not ask for a pin after entering your fingerprint. Doesn't make sense and makes that shortcut redundant.
    6. A way to access the hub by swipe gestures
    7. Make the HUB as integrated as the one on BB10 (better WhatsApp and BBM integration, instant replies from the HUB, Attachment View etc)
    8. App wise notification control just like BBOS/BB10 (Don't know how much will Oreo help with that)
    9. Short press and Long press shortcuts on the convenience key as well
    10. Opening and closing of app draw like in the stock android launcher (swiping up and then swiping down)

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    09-07-17 07:05 AM
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    09-07-17 07:57 AM

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