1. Dunmanway Emar's Avatar
    That was the simple question put to Stephen Bates (MD Blackberry Europe) on the BBC Radio 5 business segment yesterday morning.
    Despite repeating the question about 4 times all we heard from Mr Bates was some unintelligible mixture of ManagementSpeak/DoubleSpeak/Gobbledegook. In the end the presenter (Nicky Campbell) gave up and more or less invited the listeners to do the same on BlackBerry. I was left feeling annoyed that a golden chance to publicise the BB10 launch (which was only 6 hours away at that point) was lost by some misguided exec.
    Did anyone else hear the interview?
    01-31-13 05:44 AM
  2. simu31's Avatar
    Why was Nicky Campbell insisting on asking questions about the past when Bates was there to talk about the future.

    Campbell, as a "journalist" for the BBC, has an obligation for impartiality which he didn't respect yesterday. If he doesn't like a product - obviously without having tried it - then he should at least show a little class and not "more or less invited the listeners to do the same". That's not what he's paid for.

    01-31-13 06:03 AM

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