11-19-08 03:05 PM
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  1. vndlewis's Avatar
    What is happening on crackberry? Lately I have seen so many people getting ugly with others. Some of the victims are newbies. More and more I see people giving advice of lieing, cheating, and fraud. I wish things would just go back to days when everyone was nice and helpful.

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    11-17-08 10:26 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar

    I play nice ... you see my smiley.
    11-17-08 11:08 PM
  3. sunkast's Avatar
    It's a population thing.
    11-17-08 11:11 PM
  4. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    I think 99% of the people on here mean well and are nice. Maybe I'm wrong.
    11-17-08 11:34 PM
  5. imann101's Avatar
    someone has a bad day and it spreads. most of the people i have seen be nasty one time have been nice 10
    11-17-08 11:35 PM
  6. vndlewis's Avatar
    Normally I would say that, but lately I am not seeing that.

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    11-17-08 11:36 PM
  7. morales0416's Avatar
    Its the Social Forums that are getting heated most of the time, and it because people have different views (opinions) and vent a lot. It does get harsh some time, but for every rude comment on CB there are 20 more helpful ones.

    "If you can't handle the heat then get out the kitchen"

    Is my motto

    Solves everything

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    11-17-08 11:39 PM
  8. greg24's Avatar
    I don't like people.

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    11-17-08 11:43 PM
  9. Garz's Avatar
    If you see rudeness or flaming, please report the posts. We will take care of it.
    11-17-08 11:46 PM
  10. vndlewis's Avatar
    Thank you Garz.

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    11-17-08 11:46 PM
  11. Jdane07's Avatar
    What is happening on crackberry?

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    People on Crackberry ... make me look like this.

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    11-17-08 11:55 PM
  12. .m.e.'s Avatar
    Honestly .. when this Storm comes out half of the fights on here will disappear .. ppl are getting really worked up about this one ..
    11-18-08 12:00 AM
  13. pashan's Avatar
    I thought the same thing just moments ago! I agree with Sunkast that it's a population thing... Nothing that's "reportable" per se, just out of the ordinary rudeness!

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    11-18-08 12:02 AM
  14. morales0416's Avatar

    I do have to agree though I just looked at a couple of threads, and a lot of the are either

    A.) Useless threads started by newbs

    B.) Threads used to insult or belittle a particular member

    The threads on here that are informative now are far and too few inbetween, and its sad

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    11-18-08 12:05 AM
  15. cbs2669's Avatar
    Why can't we all just get along....
    11-18-08 12:06 AM
  16. luvitlo's Avatar
    I try to be nice just don't get me started on video game addicts or politics or religion I will defend my beliefs but other than that I only post comments to if it sounds like a problem similar to one I faced. Now a lot of people get rude toward me because I rarely use periods and commas, I am an SMS rapid text junkie and the 160 character limit has got me used to no puntiation and as far as spelling I spell so bad spell check can't even correct. I just tell them why I post like I do and sometimes I get smartellic about it but who wouldn't when it is thrown up 20 times their first month here.

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    11-18-08 04:41 AM
  17. CipherDias's Avatar
    Usually ya just see that in the Social areas (I swear there should be a minimum age to post in there!)
    11-18-08 04:45 AM
  18. pashan's Avatar
    "Adults Only" usually insinuates something waaaay different than "polite" CipherDias! :-p

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    11-18-08 08:40 PM
  19. berry me with it's Avatar
    I used to hang out in the Social forums sometimes, but when this showed up:


    I thought it best to stay out of the way, don't think I've posted in the Off-Topic since.
    11-18-08 08:53 PM
  20. Baroness110902's Avatar
    Many frustrations could be solved if people would FIRST SEARCH....

    Other than that, I have no complaints.

    11-18-08 09:44 PM
  21. lurk's Avatar
    i lurked for a long time before actually joining because i noticed that a lot of people could be less than welcoming to the newer posters. these people are new to this site and usually to blackberry in general and yes there is a search feature but some people don't even realize that. it's one thing to let people know where to find their answers but it's another to be right out rude about it.
    11-18-08 10:22 PM
  22. gdasilva16's Avatar
    one of the things my father always taught me.

    " there are 3 topics in this world that you can argue about all you want, but there will never be an ending, there never be a winner and there will never be a loser because everybody has their own opinion. the topics are Religion, Politics, and Sports." so if anything i'll read the topic if i feel like sharing my opinion i'll do it once and than i'll leave it alone. it's not worth it to get into a big argument.
    11-19-08 12:51 PM
  23. Pete6's Avatar
    Crackberry now has over 450 000 members. This is the size of a not too small town and it continues to grow. We have a very small 'Police Force' here on Crackberry and by and large I feel that most (read nearly all) members are polite and respectful to others.

    As Garz has already said, if you feel offended either as a result of a direct sleight against you or by reading something offensive toward another member then please report it to the Moderators. We ban about two people a week from Crackberry. Bans range from a week to permanent.

    I for one will not tolerate bad language or disrespectful language or behavior in posts. For me common decency, politeness, respect and proper and appropriate use of language are a membership requirement on CrackBerry and are not just nice-to-haves.
    11-19-08 01:11 PM
  24. wallyjayrosenberger's Avatar
    There's a fine line between debating and fighting and some people have trouble with that. I do see what you mean by the rudeness of some of the posts lately though.

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    11-19-08 01:27 PM
  25. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    I have noticed this as well, I was talking to BMcClure937 last night cause I had not seen him on CB in awhile and he said he was taking a break from the rudeness that has been occuring lately. There has been quite a few unruly people here lately...

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    11-19-08 01:37 PM
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