1. Dapper37's Avatar
    So rolling through the treads this morning I see that one of the most prominent posters and BB supporters byul has been banned or is that correct?
    If true this is not the first time the CB community has lost a friend most likely due to being instigated into an argument with a troll. I have yet to see one of our prominent trolls lose there membership (although it's happened I'm sure)

    After reading the input from posters like byul and others, it is disappointing to see them banned an not understand what happened and is a disturbing aspect of this site.

    I've been told that trolls are needed for a balanced debate. I see it different, trolls know how to skirt the rules! All they do is hijack threads, kill any positive buzz and spread FUD! In the process they have changed forever how this site works.

    byul (not confirmed)

    Blackjack. Banned

    Shootscores. Banned

    Thanks for all the effort you all brought to the site.
    03-17-12 12:58 AM
  2. 530XI's Avatar
    RIP. Maybe it's just a time out, back in a week or so?
    03-17-12 01:16 AM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    we dont discuss matters like this in the open forum
    03-17-12 01:23 AM