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    Been using my blackberry for a while.

    What is this 'Gear Settings' in the browser?
    04-30-10 03:40 PM
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    From the User Manual

    About Gears
    Gears™ is an extension to the browser application that is designed to provide a richer browsing experience. When you visit a Gears enabled
    web site and enter information, Gears can store that information on your BlackBerry device or media card for use during later visits to the
    web site.
    Gears can also help web sites provide customized content to you if you choose to share your location with that web site. Your device does not
    need to have an internal GPS receiver or be paired with a Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver to share your location.
    The first time you visit a web site that uses Gears, you are prompted to set the permissions for that web site. You can turn off the prompt so
    that your permissions for the web site are saved. You can change or delete the permissions for Gears-enabled web sites.
    Change the Gears permissions for a web site
    1. On the Home screen, click the Browser icon.
    2. Press the Menu key.
    3. Click Options.
    4. Click Gears Settings.
    5. Click a web site.
    6. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To prevent the web site from storing information on your BlackBerry device, clear the Local Storage check box.
    • To prevent the web site from accessing the location of your device, clear the Location check box. Your device does not need to be GPS
    enabled to share your location.
    • To remove the Gears™ permissions for a web site, press the Menu key. Click Remove Site.
    7. Press the Menu key.
    8. Click Save.

    Full PDF here View Document
    04-30-10 03:43 PM
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    Ah thanks

    Are there any gears site I may try out?
    04-30-10 03:45 PM