1. gibsoje74's Avatar
    So I've been searching and searching and I can't find a solid answer to this anywhere. And it may be a dumb question me being a blackberry fan and all. But I've never understood so I would rather ask than not know. In the model numbers. Is there a reason behind the format. Specifically the - # in the model number. Like I bought my Priv in the US and it was STV100-1, I bought my KEYone in the US and it was BBB100-1 (But the paperwork in it was in spanish or something). And I pre-ordered the KEY2 from US and it's BBF100-2. I'm just curious what the tru difference in all the versions of that last number.

    Now I did buy the DTEK50 off the blackberry website and I think it was STH100-2 and it had an UK plug adapter with it. So my theory that number being the "region" doesn't seem to be falling in line. Just curious...
    07-13-18 12:54 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    The number changes from model to model, there's no unifying scheme across all devices.
    07-13-18 11:30 PM

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