1. minasoprano1's Avatar
    a thing popped up on my blackberry which i havent seen before.. its in the same spot your message alerts/voicemail/missed calls are..
    it says 1.. and has a little picture of the earth... anyone know what that is?
    08-27-08 09:25 PM
  2. Jpatrick1985's Avatar
    Its internet message I'm sure I used to get it on my nextel all the time

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    08-27-08 09:32 PM
  3. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Browser Message

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    08-27-08 09:34 PM
  4. minasoprano1's Avatar
    do you know how i could view it? never seen it before.
    08-27-08 09:34 PM
  5. Ricky-Ray's Avatar
    It's a blackberry messenger alert. Somebody sent you an IM thru blackberry messenger.
    08-27-08 09:37 PM
  6. minasoprano1's Avatar
    um no. it isnt. because blackberry messenger is the blackberry messenger icon. not a little earth with a 1 infront of it.
    08-27-08 09:38 PM
  7. minasoprano1's Avatar
    ooh i just found it. nevermind.
    thanks anyway. i shoulda just looked around :-p
    08-27-08 09:39 PM
  8. ADberry's Avatar
    It comes up when you save a page loading request and you can find it in the messages folder. Is that what it was?
    08-27-08 09:42 PM
  9. coolbrett007's Avatar
    I have never seen it.

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    08-27-08 09:45 PM
  10. MsTreoDiva's Avatar
    How do you access it or remover it?
    09-09-08 11:13 AM
  11. ecufan's Avatar
    I just had the icon pop up, I didn't really see a resolution on exactly how to remove it. Any ideas?
    10-30-08 08:44 AM
  12. acebblove's Avatar
    i need help to! how do i get rid of it?
    11-05-08 05:58 PM
  13. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Go to Messages, hit menu, select View Folder, select Browser Messages. View or delete from there.
    11-05-08 06:04 PM
  14. abbieeebabes's Avatar
    im not sure if you have fixed it by now but if you go on messages and view folders, go down to WAP push messages and then it should be in there i had one on mine and i only just got rid of it i hope this helps.
    12-02-09 04:47 PM
  15. jbeachy's Avatar
    Umm a year-old thread, I'd bet the answer has been found :-)

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    12-02-09 04:56 PM