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    So I got a blackberry curve 9320 for Christmas and have been scaring myself researching online about SAR ratings, and although I keep seeing different values for my model it does appear to be quite high. I have heard of holsters and basically just wanted to ask, do they decrease the amount of radiation you are exposed to by being a kind of barrier? Or do they just increase the distance between you and the phone? (if it was in your pocket instead for example) Have vowed to keep it in my bag now anyway so not sure if its worth buying a holster for extra protection! thanks

    Edit: I asked because in the safety precautions it says the phone should be carried on the body in an RIM approved holster
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    They hold the phone. Period.

    They don't claim to block radiation, or do anything besides hold the phone, other than that many holsters have magnets that activate the sleeper function.

    Anything that blocks "radiation" will also block radio waves, which are themselves electromagnetic radiation, so you will have no signal.
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    I am un sure of a holster having anything to do with radiation to or from a phone..but a holster is another alternative to carrying a device..rather the phone being shoved in a pocket or bouncing around in a bag you can carry in on your hip or clip it else where. plus if you plan on having a case on your phone you can get a holster that is compatible..or you can buy a case/holster combo..that should give you more protection.
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    If its a BlackBerry brand holster it can interact with the device. For example my wifes phone is setup to vibrate when in holster and ring when out. There are settings within the OS in the sound profiles that allow customization.

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    They are also great at wiping hotel pass cards and car park tickets
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    The holster doesn't block any radiation but it does keep it about an inch away from your body. I've read on some electronic devices not to have it in constant contact or to store them a minimum distance away.
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