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    I am expecting QNX 2.0 on BlackBerry SuperPhones and PlayBook.
    I have designed what I expect to see:

    By clicking social feeds on the top bar a pop-up opens up and you can quickly update your status.
    I also hope that the categories bar will be at the top and the wallpaper is not covered by the black menu making the interface less cluttered and clunky.
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    10-16-11 05:35 PM
  2. laurah2215's Avatar
    I really hope they'll be announcing QNX devices and release dates as well as release date for PB 2.0.
    10-16-11 06:04 PM
  3. NFLPLAYBOOK's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to seeing a very large touch screen QNX phone. I doubt there'll be any release date for it though. Until we see the native email and maybe BBM on the Playbook we'll know that the QNX phone isn't ready for release. I doubt they will release it until the basics are ready for it. Another thing that I am excited to see is the social messaging app for QNX, because if the phone has it the Playbook can get it. The ability to Bridge text messaging to the Playbook would be a super one. Don't know if that is even possible but it would be a great feature if they could pull it off. I'm also wondering if a QNX phone to the Playbook QNX would allow complete Bridging of all apps seeing it will be using the basic same OS. Like I said I don't know if any of that is possible but I think the potential is there for it. It's very exciting to me.
    10-16-11 07:33 PM
  4. menaknow's Avatar
    I expect to see nothing tomorrow (Monday)...

    Tuesday when DevCon starts on the other hand....
    10-16-11 08:44 PM
  5. o4liberty's Avatar
    I don't think we will see anything at all. If QNX was near ready I am sure we would of seen a few teasers out already. I just hope for Rims sake they have something good that will be released soon rather than later. Everyone is watching them closely and to stay afloat they need to produce soon or the continued negatively will crush their sales.

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    10-16-11 08:52 PM
  6. Shlooky's Avatar
    I think they will reveal another Curve touch and another touch phone. Some Dev stuff and that's it.
    10-16-11 09:08 PM
  7. ichat's Avatar
    I wanna see the beautiful QNX devices. Also the awesome PB 2.0. For me nothing else really matters

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    10-16-11 09:10 PM
  8. visceralberry's Avatar
    Great work once again Bongs. Really liking the high-quality of your designs, and the forward-looking nature of them (without aping iOS or Android). Very commendable achievement.

    In terms of what to expect, am more hoping to see RIM announce a QNX-powered 'BBX Superphone' that'll lay the groundwork for the new BBX-family of phones to come.

    Would also very much hope that TAT, NewBay, JayCut, Gist, Tungle.Me, ScoreLoop, DocumentsToGo, and others, will be deeply integrated into the new platform, working smoothly and efficiently with each other.

    The BBX PhoneBook & Calendar
    Combined with the BBM Social Platform and Social Feeds, the new phonebook should pre-integrate the functionalities of the standard BBOS phone book with Gist's social media updates and contact backgrounds, Tungle.me collaborative appointments and meeting arrangements, and the complete integration of the BBM social platform.

    This would create a consumer-friendly, but extremely powerful tool that would also work perfectly for enterprise users and small/medium-sized businesses. If you consider it, it would almost certainly exceed the functionality and useability of Xobni/Smartr as well.

    Add-in the new Blackberry Conferencing app as a baked-in feature of this address book, and what you have is a single, unified experience, that delivers social feeds, gist layout & functions, rich experience, linked-in, facebook, twitter, blogs, BBM status updates, meeting arrangements & changes, voice & video-conferencing (with reminders), direct messaging (for all the above, in a manner similar to Twitter for Blackberry does via a semi-transparent pop-up messaging window), and hopefully with the visual works adapted with the help of the TAT team.

    As Gist also already has an amazing Web-app that acts as the main dashboard for all your contacts and any related interactions with them, RIM could integrate this into the offering that I'll highlight in greater detail below, which is NewBay's functions which will provide RIM with an iCloud competitor (BlackberrySync?). A BBX phone-book & calendar, integrated with all the above mentioned apps into one unified system, kept updated and synched accross your phones, Playbook and PC/Laptop via BlackberrySync, would be a revelation in user-experience, and would open-up a multitude of offerings including backing-up the entire phone to BlackberrySync (maybe even via the existing Blackberry Protect App), all powered-by NewBay and their cloud offering via their existing storage-server base.

    These are all there at RIM's fingertips to implement if they push, and will be right up there with the very best, re-establishing Blackberry as the foremost smartphone platform for getting productive things done, day-in day-out.

    Productivity Apps
    DocumentsToGo along with a continuation of the deep-partnership that is currently developing between RIM & MSFT, bringing Office 365 and SharePoint, along with collaboration tools powered by the newly social BBM platform.

    This would be an amazing feat, still very possible to do, but would leapfrog the competition in terms of out of the box functionality, and would secure the future of Blackberries and Playbooks in consumer homes, SME businesses, and the Enterprise market.

    Cloud Backup and Sync (via Blackberry Protect & BlackberrySync)
    As mentioned above, the ability to sync all you activities, files, contacts, pictures, media, etc, into one multi-platform accessible interface (powered by RIM acquisition NewBay), would be a complete game-changer for RIM.

    I truly hope this would be done so as to bring-up the standard of the BBX-offering to that of the competition. You would be able to restore a phone that is damaged, lost, stolen, or just a new device; again perfect for both consumers & businesses of all sizes.

    Maps & Navigation
    We probably all realise this needs a massive upgrade. Maybe a partnership with NavTeq or TomTom? Integrate this with BB Maps or Bing Maps, and bring Wikitude in for deeper integration and BBM-functionality for communicating with contacts nearby, arranging meetings, booking tables at restaurants and getting directions, sending directions to your friends/business contacts to meet you there, etc etc.....

    Even more improvements to the class-leading Blackberry email platform, along with ensuring that NO MESSAGES EVER GET DELETED FROM YOUR DEVICE WITHOUT YOU WANTING IT TO BE, by allowing for unlimited message storage and by periodically syncing all sms, mms, BBM, and email messages to the cloud via BlackberrySync.

    Widgets & Apps
    By bringing Android App Player functionality to BBX phones, and ensuring that the plaform has widgeting ability (as mentioned on BerryReview a while back), the issue of the app catalogue being found wanting (currently at least) will be greatly reduced and consumers and business alike will not only be placated, but will likely be very very pleased with the Blackberry brand.

    Active lock-screens with Bing Search, social-feed updates (ticker-style), weather app, selected news (business, weather, tech, blog/rss, etc), and many others including Skype, traffic (bus, rail, underground/subway), will allow for people to feel they are using what will be a highly competitive platform and will encourage top-rate developers to create highly-functional apps that will be easily ported between BBX devices (IE: the various BBX phones and the Playbook [both 7" and any planned 10.1"].

    Lets sincerely hope that RIM is on the ball with this one, as they need to make this DevCon a success, even if they don't bring most or even any of what any of us have mentioned here. They just need to grab our attention and make the Crackberry nation feel motivated and to feel energised to continue spearheading the good fight on their behalf.

    Also expect they will be demoing the software more than the specific hardware they plan to use for their full consumer launch. Any hardware they release seems will be for developer use for creating apps and teasing blogs as to what lies ahead hardware-wise.

    Still hoping for top specs when finally released. A 4.3" screen would be great, and as its now standard, a solid dual-core will be required along with more than decent RAM, HD or near-HD screen, top-rate front & rear cameras, etc etc.

    Lastly, please please please RIM! Don't overly delay the actual release date! I really hope they surprise (read: shock) us with an announcement that the phones will be released in time for the Christmas period, or at least Feb/March at the latest. Now that would really be something to get us going!
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    I am expecting QNX 2.0 on BlackBerry SuperPhones and PlayBook.
    I have designed what I expect to see:
    Click to view quoted image

    By clicking social feeds on the top bar a pop-up opens up and you can quickly update your status.
    I also hope that the categories bar will be at the top and the wallpaper is not covered by the black menu making the interface less cluttered and clunky.
    Bongs once again you did it again..... You are brilliant. Going on blog post... Well my blog post
    10-17-11 08:41 AM