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    I need your help. I am due to upgrade my 8800 by Christmas and I need some advice on what to go for, the Bold or the Storm?

    Visually the Storm looks better but reading the reviews the Bold seems to come out well too. Can any users and abusers of both models let me know their thoughts.

    I know the Storm usage is limited to those countries and networks that have released it but any advice would be good. BTW I'm on the UK, so I think Vodafone will have it exclusively for the next month or so but according to Carphone Warehouse they will have it by December on O2.

    I've just ready Craig's business review of the Bold and I think he is converted and listening to the latest pod cast I can tell he favours it over the Storm.

    So in summary..........

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!


    Undecided Blackberry User! (life is full of such pleasurable decisions)
    10-20-08 04:25 AM
  2. NFLBlitze1's Avatar
    you should probably wait for both devices to come out and be available for your carrier, play around with them and see which one suits you best. to be honest its really hard to compare the Bold and the Storm because basically the Storm is a touch screen version of the Bold. so its more of a matter of preference and whether or not you want the touch screen. so thats something you might have to figure out. Or you could wait for the Storm 2 aka Magnum, which is basically a touch screen bold that would be the best of both worlds. lol. i hope this somewhat helps.
    10-20-08 04:43 AM