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    Have been with BB for awhile, but now have Android phone! Would luv to stay with BB, but is there a future??? HELP!!!!
    06-16-11 08:55 PM
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    Use what you're going to use that you think will fulfill your needs. There's no rule you have to stick to one brand only. If you are still interested in BB, keep monitoring the plethora of sources to keep you informed (including CB), and when BB again suits your need, be happy and take pleasure when you purchase one again.
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    06-16-11 08:59 PM
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    Have been with BB for awhile, but now have Android phone! Would luv to stay with BB, but is there a future??? HELP!!!!
    Stay with Android.......
    06-16-11 09:02 PM
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    Sounds like you want to come back to BB, your only worried if they will be here in future. Wait for the OS7 devices to come out, see if they meet your needs and decide. RIM has $3 Billion in cash so they'll make it through to QNX phones and the OS7 phones look impressive. How good they are will decide how much longer they can last. They have to much IP to just die off so worse case they get bought and are still arround in some way shape or form.
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    06-16-11 09:50 PM
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    Best thing for you would be to dump Android and get yourself a BlackBerry. Phones like Android and iPhone don't have the device level security BlackBerry offers. (Their keyboards and battery life sucks, too.) Also, BlackBerry is not just a device, it's a service; with BlackBerry, you'll benefit from BIS.

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    06-16-11 10:03 PM
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    I suggest you dump Android and get yourself a BlackBerry, but the new ones that are coming out sometime in the last week of fall, but first, you should give these new boys a test drive to see if they fit your needs. Phones like Android and iPhone don't have the device level security BlackBerry offers, but then again the blackberry OS is a mobile restricted java OS, while iOS and android are unix like operating systems, the first based on the darwin OS that has a hybrid kernel with microkernel features and the latter based on linux, both being more "desktop-like". (Their keyboards and battery life sucks, too, but not because the hardware is inefficient, but because they carry a small battery for its power, which is a trend showing up in the newer blackberry smartphones) Also, BlackBerry is not just a device, it's a service; with BlackBerry, you'll benefit from BIS, which offers unmatched push email and other push services, plus total encryption and data compression, which results in less data usage and more security, but, it injects a higher response time and slightly less browser speeds because of the packets having to travel all the way through an additional data center, and most native apps use BIS, which wont work solely on wifi if you dont have a BIS data plan.

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    Fix'd it for ya matey. Tõnis re-balanced version.
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    06-16-11 10:22 PM
  7. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    I'll help you decide. Stay with BlackBerry. Sell the Android. Simple.

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    06-16-11 11:34 PM
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    Don't think of in a mindset that focuses on the future of the company, focus on what device best meets your needs and makes you happy.
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    06-16-11 11:56 PM
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    that's the silliest thread I've seen recently. go to your local phone shop and check yourself.

    ps drop android, it has no future
    06-17-11 08:00 AM
  10. w_jjhr5's Avatar
    Sorry I asked for advice!
    06-17-11 09:03 AM
  11. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    I gave you good advice!
    06-17-11 07:46 PM
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    Fix'd it for ya matey. Tõnis re-balanced version.
    Thanks, gbsn ... for pointing out BIS' other great features. But we forgot to warn 'em about the truncated emails!

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    06-17-11 08:00 PM
  13. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    I never have received a truncated email. So not a problem for me!
    06-17-11 08:43 PM
  14. pattste's Avatar
    I recommend BlackBerry all the time but if I had to buy a new phone today from the Verizon or Sprint lineup, I simply couldn't justify buying a BlackBerry. Even on AT&T, the Torch, which I really like is hard to recommend for someone who's going to have to sign a two-year contract.

    It boggles the mind how RIM didn't figure out until recently that its phones were underpowered. When the Torch came out (and the Storm before it) every single review pointed out the limitations in the hardware department. I mean, I like the Torch but the processor and screen resolution are a joke for what's RIM's top of the line phone. Then RIM tried to come up with more "refereshes" until Verizon told them to take the Storm3 and stuff it. I think that's when RIM realized they had to change. Unbelievable.
    06-17-11 10:50 PM
  15. joeypasta's Avatar
    I agree with the OP (although I still use my BB) I just don't see a future. My company (American Airlines) has no company support for BB. They support iphone, android and Win mob. for intra-company business. They are adamant they won't be supporting BB!

    As I posted in another thread; If the iphone5 has a physical qwerty keyboard, then RIM will be severly damaged.
    06-18-11 12:34 AM
  16. mobibiz's Avatar
    Hi Friends, Before Blackberry devices became so popular amongst regular consumers, the Blackberry was a business-only thing, and emailing is a vital part of most businesses. Agreed that all the smartphones today can deliver e-mails on to them but, then the security that the BlackBerry offers, is unmatched even today. You can depend on Blackberry for emails, for sure. I say this after having used various other phones on different platforms. Agreed that multimedia features of a BlackBerry and an Iphone are not comparable, the Iphone is the leader, but then when it comes to hardcore business functionality. BlackBerry is the market leader, people will see a lot of issues on BlackBerry devices, thing is BlackBerry users basically are people who have an idea about technology and want to push their devices to the limit, that's where some issues crop up, hardware issues are few on BlackBerries. Forums like crackberry and support desks like mobibiz are always here to help.
    06-18-11 03:38 AM
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    Hi, I think you should stay with BB if you care for main purpose of a cell phone, if you're interested in multimedia or user interactive, choose smartphone with Android or iOS.
    Nowadays most smartphones have all features for basic functions, multimedia functions and social networks also. Each device has tons of software to do these so we're not talking about functions.
    Honestly, iOS and Android have an attractive looking with touch screen. This screen also provides many extiting interactive experiences when using and playing.
    However I suggest you choose your BB which has physical keyboard because other touch screen eats battery much (especially with Android). I don't like to charge my phone everyday.
    iOS and Android have store (or market) of applications. But my friend, who has an HTC with Android, reveals that he hasn't opened all applications that he installed on his device. This means that we are not using many programs, we're just using what we need for work. So, too many applications are not necessary. He also says that after a while, he's bored with his luxury phone (not hate but ger bored) - but this is just his opinion.
    In my case, BB is enough for my work, I do have a FB but I don't have time to open it frequently. When I'm free, I check it by PC.
    Last but not least: keep both if you can.
    Hope you get disicion soon.
    06-18-11 07:40 AM