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    Greetings, I am getting ready to pull the trigger on my first BlackBerry. Thinking of the Tour. Only sticking point, no Wifi. I am on Verizon and can't get out. November seems to be the month for the Storm2 release.

    I don't really care about the touchscreen and seems people are about 50/50 on it. Can anybody give me any idea what BBs are coming out after the Storm and when? Is the Atlas real, and is it really the Tour with Wifi? Is Wifi worth the wait?

    My logic is this. The phone I want is basically the Tour with Wifi, but if that is a Year away, I might as well just get the Tour now instead of waiting 4 months, getting the Storm2 and hoping I likey. Make sense or am I just complicating things.

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    07-22-09 04:54 PM
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    Wifi is an nice feature, particularly when the carrier offers Unlimited Mobile Access (UMA) support over Wifi.

    The reason Wifi is built into some models, the carriers have a strategy to use UMA to offset a poor signal coverage and still get full plan access.

    At this point, only a couple of GSM carrier are willing to take the risks and market UMA. The CDMA carriers see UMA as a threat to their revenue model and will not be including it any time soon.

    The truth is, if you have good signal coverage, there is little benifit to Wifi.

    If you travel internationally, you can not use your CDMA phone anywhere but North America. UMA enabled phones can access their carrier plan from anywhere, the cost saving are huge.
    07-22-09 04:58 PM
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    Reed, Thanks for the info. Looking more and more like a Blackberry for me tomorrow.
    07-22-09 05:13 PM
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    I would be checking out the Tour.

    256 Mb of Memory.... Sweet!
    07-22-09 05:19 PM