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    Actually started the first thread and though there were a lot of opinions, no nastiness.

    Beyond everything that was said, a lot of people consider these threads of no worth, and we should all jump ship. If that was the case I would have had an iPhone long ago.

    I need my phone to do a lot of things it cannot do now, and I don't believe ever will, even with OS10. RIM is letting go another few thousand employees.....they have let go multiple thousands.....what were they all doing that now the company can forge ahead with new product. NOBODY talks about the app writers. They AREN'T writing the apps that people want.....I don't play games, but lots of you do, and we don't have 1/100th the number to chose from. Businesses write apps that people need for banking, stocks, etc. Not for BB.

    So you can call me whatever you like, and tell me how many units are sold in India, perhaps tell me why Google can bring a whole new OS out in months and we take years (after all, we have 2 billion in the bank). WHAT ARE THEY DOING. First quarter of 2013? I wrote months ago not this year, that's a crap shoot as well.
    06-29-12 03:00 PM
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    I always had a sense they would be able to pull this off, but even I have to admit: this looks grim. The earnings aren't looking good, clearly not in the pink of health.

    They have no guarantee BB10 will succeed even if they get it out next year. Oh man, I have to resign myself to typing on this keys till they fall out...
    06-29-12 05:51 PM
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    I think Rim is going to be around for a long time. Yes they are hurting but they are no where near deaths doorstep as some of the arm chair pundits are stating. I think (just my opinion) that we are going to be seeing some very cool toys coming out of Waterloo in 2013 and I cant wait.
    06-30-12 01:45 AM
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    2 scenarios as I see it, either bb10 never gets released, or it does get released and its specs are hardware plans drawn up in 2011 that was originally supposed to be released in Feb 2012
    06-30-12 04:30 AM
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    1st half delivered 1st quarter 2013 2nd half 1st quarter 2014.
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    06-30-12 05:24 AM