1. mrsimon's Avatar
    64gb memory
    4GB ram
    Dual sim
    Exynos 7885 processor
    Android 8.1
    Amoled screen
    Triple camera. 24 x 5 x 8
    Extra sd card slot
    3300 battery
    Samsung A7 (2018)
    And you guys could find others.
    Why even bother competing? I guess the LE might be more attractive at 299€, but BBMO couldn't, could they? Hard business to be in, right?
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    12-17-18 01:14 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    That's the reason most question any future SLAB BBMo devices... there really isn't a point.

    KEY devices fill a niche that no others do... so the up-charge is palatable.

    The only hope of a SLAB was enterprise and if they bought... but they didn't.
    12-17-18 01:48 PM
  3. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    All big electronics products go through the same cycle. At the beginning, there's huge growth potential and dozens or hundreds of companies jump in hoping to somehow ride the wave and build value. Some companies die along the way due to poor products or poor support.

    Then, the sales plateau happens, and pretty quickly, any company that isn't a category leader is in trouble. The bigger companies will pivot if they can, or sell their products (or sometimes the whole company) to a competitor or partner. The smaller ones get acquired, quit, or go bankrupt.

    At the end, you have a handful of the most successful companies still standing.

    You can see this in the history of the PC, the flat-screen TV, and now smartphones. Ask Compaq, Gateway, Packard Bell, Tandy (all PC makers), Zenith, RCA, Phillips, Sharp (TVs), Palm, HTC, Nokia (not HMD Global), and BlackBerry how their device business is.
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    12-17-18 03:31 PM

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