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    I am currently a Droid user who is looking to switch to blackberry because my droid has gotten really glitchy and laggy on me, and I was hoping that I could get some advice on which blackberry is best for me. Here is a little more about me and what I want.

    1.) I used to have an ipod touch, which I used to check multiple email accounts constantly throughout the day. When I switched to my droid I didn't like the email as much so I didn't check it as much (it messed up more and wasn't as user friendly as the ipod/iphone email). I would love to have a blackberry that allows me to check the 100 (give or take) emails that I receive a day. I have begun to work in real estate, so I definitely need a phone that works well in business and keeps me connected.

    2.) I am also a huge football fan, and I get most of my news from following sports writers on twitter, so the phone needs to still be able to have apps like twitter.

    3.) I don't know if all blackberries have removable batteries, but that is a must for me. I like to have three or four backup batteries.

    4.) I would love to have a blackberry that is a little thicker. I used to love the thicker design of the older blackberries. I know I am kind of going against the current conventional thinking of sleeker is better, but I love the thicker blackberries like the 8703e (I looked it up on ebay). This isn't a must for me, but I would be absolutely thrilled if I could find a newer phone with the thickness of the older ones.

    5.) My current phone, which I love, is a Droid Pro. It has a keyboard like the blackberry and a touch screen. The problem is that it is too glitchy. The Pro isn't the newest droid, but it is also new enough to give me everything that I want. So, my new blackberry needs to be relatively new.

    7.) I don't take many pictures, so picture quality isn't really important to me. It would be nice, but it is more of a luxury not a necessity.

    6.) I would like it to be somewhat affordable. I was looking at the newest blackberry (Bold 9330), and it was really expensive. I would like to go down a notch in the price range, but I don't want a really cheap phone with limited functionality.

    Please note that I have extremely limited knowledge about the blackberry. I just know what I do want.

    I want to thank anyone in advance for whatever help you can provide me. I don't know enough about blackberries, and I want to make sure that I choose the best one. That's why I'm hoping I can get a few experts to help me out.

    04-29-12 10:32 PM
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    sounds like a 9930 will meet your needs. but the screen will be alot smaller that what you are used to. might wanna wait until the BB10 devices come out.

    on a side note, all BB devices have removable batteries and can use twitter apps.
    04-29-12 10:45 PM
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    I also want a physical keyboard. I need to be able to type a lot
    04-29-12 10:47 PM
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    The 9930 is a terrific device. It has a amazing keyboard and a touchscreen. I use my 9930 for business as well with between 50-100 emails per day. The screen is smaller than what you're used to but it's still very nice imo. The 9930 is quite a bit sleeker than what you're looking for, but this is the flagship top of the line Blackberry currently.
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    04-29-12 10:53 PM
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    With BlackBerries you do not have to worry about not receiving email quickly. RIM's servers push email straight to your bb every time. You won't ever have to manually check for email.

    Screen will be smaller obviously.

    Does have a Twitter App.

    Camera...well without Auto Focus, pictures can not be good quality anyway.

    Removable Battery? Yes!

    Physical Keyboard-- I have a 9900. Looove it!!! I used the Torch 9800 and just could not get used to typing with the virtual keyboard and the physical keyboard was cramped.

    BB Devcon 2012 is upon us May 3rd so stick around and see what BB10 has to offer.

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    04-29-12 10:57 PM
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    I also want a physical keyboard. I need to be able to type a lot

    That's pretty much why people use blackberrys for.

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    04-29-12 11:06 PM
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    Check out the devices here....

    04-30-12 01:12 AM
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    Sounds like you might also want to look at the Torch 9810. I use the 9900 and 9810. Both have OS 7 and are great devices. What I really like about the Torch is that it has a fairly sizable screen, but also has a good keyboard. It is also less expensive than the 9900 in the U.S., but isn't offered on Sprint or Verizon. It also has great email shortcuts within the messaging app that the Bold does not have because the screen of the Bold isn't big enough for them.

    Sending an email or attaching files while on a Torch is even easier than on other BlackBerrys, which says a lot because all BlackBerrys have the best email.The keyboard on the Torch is just as easy to type on as the Bold, but isn't as wide or as "plush" I'd say. It is thicker though, and I really like using the Torch with an Otterbox case because it feel even sturdier.
    04-30-12 01:59 AM