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    The default week view on the Bold doesn't show details at a glance (which is quite useless). Does anyone know of a good software program that does? I want to be able to see at least a few entries for each day of the week.

    I had a look at PocketInformant but it has a strange design where one day of the week gets twice as much space as the others. Also, they have this weird ruler line above each day which takes up vital space. Indeed, the whole program looks unnecessarily complicated - whatever happened to simplicty?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    07-01-09 11:40 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Take a look at the software from e-Mobile. Today Professional,
    Planner, Tasks and Contacts will live on every phone I own.

    Pricey but from a professional standpoint well worth the cost
    07-02-09 12:01 AM
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    I went to their website, and unless I am mistaken, there is still no week-at-a-glance view with the e-mobile software - where you can see what's happening on each day simultaneously. You still have to move from one day to another.
    07-02-09 12:12 AM
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    There is a weekly view with E-Mobile Today Pro. However, it does take a couple of "clicks" to get to it (and obviously only shows your appointments for the highlighted day). This is the weekly view:

    I just use the Today screen which shows 4 days of appointments, but you must scroll over each day to see that day's appointments.

    FYI, I saw AG's post about E-Mobile Today Pro about a month ago and then purchased it. I completely agree with him that it is the best business "today screen" app out there.
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    07-02-09 05:56 AM
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    I would say give Agendus a spin.
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    07-02-09 06:14 AM
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    I would say give Agendus a spin.
    I tried Agendus before E-Mobile Pro and I felt that there is no comparison. In my opinion E-Mobile Today Pro is so much easier, better looking, and more effecient than Agendus. Agendus does have a free trial. I deleted it after using it for 30 minutes.

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    07-02-09 07:27 AM