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    Every time I’m out with people, this topic comes up and I always end up having the worst package ever...

    I finally got fed up and spent 2 weeks calling my provider haggling a new rate plan.

    I really don't like haggling, especially when my service provider says "we are a hassle free company you don't have to haggle with - we simply give you the best price" (which is why i chose you in the first place btw!).

    Here's what I got after haggling. (Pre haggling the below would have cost me 140/mnth.)

    • 400 Minutes (Unlimited Incoming)
    • Weekends / Evenings Free (start @ 5:00PM)
    • Call Display / Waiting / Conference
    • Voice Mail (25 Messages)
    • Unlimited Data
    • Unlimited Text
    • 300 North American Long Distance
    • Services

    Total Monthly: $83.50 (CDN)

    Extra: Black Berry Storm for $100 when signing for 3 year contract.

    Isn't it time we all get unlimited everything for one convenient price? Then we could all get back to work and do what we do...
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