1. DBadgers34's Avatar
    For example, your email stops working and resending the service books does not work, so you have to clear out your address online and then start up the address again. I just had to do that today with Verizon but cannot find a reason for it occuring on this website. Anyone know? Fluke?
    11-07-08 01:11 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Breaks in communication with your email servers...

    Example: Say you have a yahoo account, your device logs in and basically pretends to be you and checks your email for you..Lets assume in this case yahoo was having an issue with that email server your email account is hosted on and it didn't respond the way the blackberry services thought it should have...ie not fast enough, or no response at all. the BlackBerry service then shuts down the account due to the fact it cannot verify the account even exists or can connect to it.

    These breaks could also be cause by carrier data network, RIM network etc, etc...but in most cases it's the email hosting services that are at fault here due to servers not responding in timely fashion.
    11-07-08 02:02 AM