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    I am an avid blackberry user, have been for years and love them....HOWEVER;

    I have my business on a Verizon Business Share plan......by jumping ship to Sprint, my $740.00 monthly bill becomes about $430

    but since I am on a BES they of course charge you 30 bucks per BB (VZW 44.99) If I dump the BB and switch to a Palm Pre for example...I can still sync with exchange for no additional $$$ Again, I love BB's and the tour is my sixth one.......but is there some benefit to paying Sprint/RIM the extra cash that I am missing?

    10-17-09 09:24 PM
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    Depends on how badly you need a secure e-mail network, and how much control you want to have over the devices that you provide. With BES, you call the shots, you have access and record to EVERYTHING that your employees do on the device that you provide them. Access to their phone logs, message logs, etc. You also have the ability to remove certain apps/services from their devices. With BES, you can tailor make what you do and don't want you're employees to do.
    With BES, you also get unparalled security when it comes to the e-mail communication. You can set your BB's to run with military spec encryption (as it's been described to me, one of the options of the OS) that, to my knowlege, hasn't ever been hacked.
    I don't know what Palm offers, but I don't believe that it will allow you to do these things. What you need to do is assess the needs of your company and your employees, and proceed from there... Hope my comment helps!

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    10-18-09 12:08 AM